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izzy_duranie | 22:04 Thu 19th Sep 2002 | Body & Soul
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I still don't know how to get them as I cannot find the website. All the websites I get to are to do with the Atkins diet - the Atkinson Dead Sea Patches have nothing to do with the high protein low carb diet !! HELP!


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yeah i read that article before, but that doesnt say anything about the product, i agree that the letter is rediculous, and i laughed all the way while reading it, but yet, im still here researching it. i dont think it would work like they say it does, otherwise there would be more then this on it. But those people who have orderd it, pleeeeeease pleeeeeeeease reply!! and the other thing, the guarantee, who is it backed by? and the 30 day limit probably had catches.

One more thing, how did the get our full names and addresses, i know im not listed. so has anyone else bought products from tv adds or signed up to get info signed on any products?
Ah so they are targeting us in Australia now. I too, received one in the mail recently. hmmmm
And my question also is 'where did they get my details?'

I too, did a search and find the special 'Dead Sea' stuff is common old seaweed/kelp from the sea in the northern hemisphere. Good stuff in its own right, not maybe in this marketed format.

If people are really looking for better value there is very good info from a psychologist in Australia called Judith McFadden (Diet No More) and a program she calls NECTAR (meaning Natural Eating, Control Theory and Results). I had investigated and purchased the program for a client. I am not sure if she used it...I did and do! It alerted me to my own 'fat thinking' and by changing to a 'natural eater' bingo...results I wanted

On the Dr Atkinson stuff there are other references on the net of similar negatively and faked Dr references and that the product made them feel sick and did not produce the results as advertised. Take care and be aware

Gday all... well guess what... I gotem...

But, you know how it says on the flyer: You Can Eat Anything You Want And the Weight Will Just Drop Off You!" Well, then you get sent them and it says you gotta eat really healthy and do heaps of exercise. Fair enough... I thought that would be a good idea anyway. So I've been using them for a couple of weeks and I've lost a couple of kilos... but that could be because I'm going to the gym 3 days a week and have reduced my calorie intake a lot. I wasn't that big to begin with, I weighed 60 kgs and now I weigh 58. I'm going to ask for my money back, I don't think they have done anything for me. Will let you know how I go.

It seems there are a quite few people out there who have received the flyer that claims to have a miracle solution to weight loss. However, after reading all the postings and realising that there are others like me who are tempted to try the Atkinson Dead Sea Patchesinfact there are even thosewho have gone further by purchasing the patches. Yet these same people have not updated everyone with regard to whether the patches work with the exception of one. Can these people please please please let us know whether this miracle solution works. ...I would hate to order the patches, receive, realise they didn't work, filed for a refund and then to find didn't get my money back as promised.

So please please please let us all know whether the patches work.


There is no web-site for the Atkinson Dead Sea patch.  I received information through the mail - I haven't got them yet as I think its all a bit dodgy.  I am waiting to hear back from anyone who has used the patches and have had results.


Hi, i am from New Zealand, i too have received the Dead Sea Patches info, i am a real sucker for anything to loose weight easily!!! i was keen to give them a try with the money back thing and all, i tried to fax my order, over and over and over, the number is always busy no matter wot time of day, i would really like to know if they have worked for anyone out there before i post my order off.......................

I just got the offer for the patches .Im in Australia too.


How would they know that Im truthfull in the first place

(About telling them the right weight)In the order form

they don't even ask you how much you weight.So it

 makes me think!.What if Im not happy with the

 product?.How will I prove that I didnt lost 5,10 or 20

 kg(when I ask for my money back???).The patches are

 made of sea Kelp (is good because

 has iodine that stimulates the thyroid gland and speeds

 up your metabolism so you burn more,but carefull !!Too

much can cose hart failure.READ ON INTERNET



I just received the flyer for Dr Atkinsons "magical" patches.

Please do a google search for Lance Thomas Atkinson, Michael John Anthony Van Essen or bodylogical. Lance Thomas Atkinson seems to be the same Dr referred in the flyers.

Check out some of the Dutch websites though you may not be able to read them, some have faces next to their responses, and quite a few are not happy.

the return address I got is slightly different to the Singapore one posted, the PO Box is different.

If these patches were so wonderful you'd think they would be on A Current Affair. Also I think they got my information from when I joined Weight Watchers because I didn't tick the box thats says "I do not wish to recieve any further information", which is normally very small and towards the bottom.

All this seems similar to other "exclusive offers" I have received before, this time it's patches, last time it was pills.

Don't waste your money, because very often you may not get your money back, because they make sure you can't find them to ask, ask why there is no website on the flyer, or direct phone number.

If it seems to good to be true it normally is.

Nic, Sydney

Hey People,

My partner and I both tried these Dead Sea Patches through info sent in the mail..... THEY DONT WORK! Firstly, the article sent said that you can eat anything you want and no exercise was required, then you receive the patches with a menu plan and exercise routine to follow????? Neverthless, we tried the recommended plan and not a single thing happened! Do not purchase these, they are a rip off! P.S Michael actually gained weight with this!!!!!!!

Joanna and Michael

I too received a flyer the other day and am interested to know if anyone has used the patches and whether there was as much success as there is supposed to be.
Hi there, l am another of those gullible people who are prepared to try almost anything.  l faxed my order off in June and am awaiting delivery.  l read the brochure thoroughly enough to notice that on one page it does state "THE ATKINSONS DEAD SEA FAT BURN SLIMMING PATCH CAN ONLY HELP SLIMMING OR WEIGHT CONTROL AS PART OF A JOULE CONTROLLED DIET."  to think otherwise would be extremely naive, however, l am prepared to give it a go and l will keep you all up to date either way.
i there, just to let you know for all those out there contemplating using this product there is quite a lot of info available thru the net on similar products claiming to have the same results.  Just look up 'diet patches' or similar and you will open up a whole field of info. Apparently, if you can believe what you read these products have been around for quite some time and some companies products even claim to suppress apetites as well as increase metabolism. Happy reading.
Hey, it's me again.  My package arrived this morning, about the size of a CD, not much more info than was in the original flyer except they suggest sensible diet and excercise, (although not necessary)along with 8 glasses of water per day would benefit also) Of course it would, you would have to be pretty stupid to think otherwise.  anyhow l am going to give it a go.   Just to let you know l faxed my order through including credit card payment and the product arrived just short of 2 weeks.  Is there anyone else out there that has tried the product and had success?  Let us all know, as it seems l am the only one still interested.  Just for the record, l am pushing 50, overweight and have always been the yo-yo dieter.  Hopefully this will get the matabolism back on track.  Shall write again in 2 weeks.
Hi guys, Im in Adelaide, Australia and I only just received the marketing material in the mail yesterday. Now there is a +Stop Press+ promotion with the good doctor, they have added a new herbal ingredient to the Dead Sea Patches called Capsicum Frutescens (patches now only $AU105.90 for 4 weeks) It claims that this new breakthrough doubles your weight loss while using the patches. Being a person with an open mind, I thought mmmm, well lets do some research. I didn't have to look very far when I hit 2 websites, one was the claim against 'misleading advertising' and the other is this website (of course not the Dr Atkinson's website- do you really think he would have one?) I didnt have to look any further to be convienced that this is a mind game. Just reading all the posted questions (and not many answers) on this website was enough to determine that this is just using psychology to make money. Just remember if its too good too be true then it IS too good to be true!!! There are 28 postings at the time I am posting this one, if we all buy the patches thats an easy $3,000 (nicely done!!). The only positive I see with buying the patches is that it makes you eat healthy and exercise so eventually you will lose weight. So is it the magical patches doing the work? I dont think so. My message is absolutely not a dig at people that have given it a go, for I was considering it too. You could say that the patches have been your own personal trainer that has motivated you to lose weight. I will definately not be buying these Dead Sea Patches... the idea is dead, patched up and gone! :)

I received them, there were several references to sugested diet & exercise.  I tried them for 3 weeks, but didn't alter my diet as the original advert said you didn't have too. Remember, YES I want to reclaim my figure, guaranteed to lose a minimum of 3kgs(more probally 5kg) per week.  I should not take part in any diet or exercise regime whilst using the patch, I can wait to make sure that I do not put one ounce back on, now or ever and for any reason, I am not entirely satisfied I can claim a refund no questions asked. Plus Dr's personal guarantee in writing that you will loose 12kgs in 4 weeks and stay that way or he will give you your money back.

I lost nothing, infact I gained some weight!!!.  I only noticed one thing - they curbed my appetite, one day I went the whole day with out eating and was not hungry, this is not healthy though!!!  I sent them back, from NZ to Singapore I wanted to send it registered so I would have proof of delivery but that was going to cost $80 so I sent standard mail which still cost $25!

Anyway I received a letter 6 weeks later from International Fulfilment Services stating I would receive a refund in 1-2 months but it actually came through the same week I received the letter. 

So by all means try them, I wish you all the sucesses, they may work for you - I have always battled with my weight.  Rest assured they do stand by the Money Back Guarantee. But this has taught me a lesson, if it sounds to good to be true - it probally is!!!

I received my patches in the mail about a week ago.  I also looked previously on the net for infor regarding another product I brought from the same company which were aqua svelt slimming drops.  These instructed me to have 6 drops 3 times a day for 1 month.  I took over this dose and at the end of the month still had one full bottle left, so convinced myself that these didn't work because i didn't take the right dosage.  I returned the empty bottles and got a letter about the patches and a letter about my refund on the same day. I was sucked in, thought well I wasn't sure if id get the money back on the drops but I did so what do I have to lose?  I'll just get another refund.  So far I've been too scared to weigh myself in case like with the drops I put weight on.  I've even thought maybe they do the opposite so that people like us will keep on trying to lose the weight that their miracle cures keep adding!

But hey, I'm still trying.  Sad, but true.  Hope to hear that someone gets some success, I too was also disappointed about the diet you had to stick to.  I'm a chef and so my eating patterns are erratic enough as it is.  I don't over eat much but I eat at weird times, food thats prob not that great for me and theres no way I can stick to a meal planned diet.

Glad im not the only one, good luck you guys.

A friend mailed me her pamphlet for "Michelson's Dead Sea Slimming Patches" because she thought the product sounded good. It took me 10 minutes' worth of Googling to realize this is a total hoax. Although we would all love to watch the pounds melt away while eating burgers and nibbling on candy, it's totally unrealistic.

There are other products that can up your metabolism, though - I'm in California, and I found a supplement called Metabolic Advantage Thyroid Formula (made by Enzymatic Therapy) at my local health food store. Not sure if it's available in the U.K., but it might be worth a look.
to all of you, ive just been reading your posts and yes! the patches do work, i recieved some garbage mail in the uk around 3 years ago and dubiously sent off for the patches, they worked so well, for me, and i continued use until i moved house and lost all contact info... i have been searching for ages to find info on the patches, (theweight comes off easy but if you stop use and go back to old eating and non excercise habits it does come back) ...i found the address around a year ago and sent off a cheque for more patches but never heard anything and the cheque was not cashed so i thought maybe the company went out of business, if anyone that has recieved letters does not want the patches and has spare order forms i would love to have them, or if anyone wants to split an order,as it becomes cheaper, i am definateley interested. my email is
Here is the information in how to get the Dead Sea Slimming Patch. You can call this # 1-866-268-5671.
Michelson Dead Sea Slimming Patch

Dr Michelson
Bodycological Research Centre
215 South Broadway
Salem, Nh 03079-3332
Hi...I purchased these patches 12 months most people with an eating disorder...I used them for 3 weeks, expecting the lose that weight..didn't happen.....
about A$120 down the girgler...along with Gloria Marshal $500....endless supply of dieting books...$300.....Liteneasy...good but expensive if you have a family..Weight Watchers....good but expensive...the list goes on.....THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS IS STOP EATING THOSE FOODS HIGH IN FAT AND SUGARS...& EXERCISE! So simple but so difficult...don't waste your money on these patches.....I think they are another gimic.

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