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Does Anyonehave Experience Of Sepsis?

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Ringlet | 11:13 Sun 01st Aug 2021 | Body & Soul
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Hi everyone. I would appreciate if anyone would share their experience with me.

I underwent a hip replacement at end of June. Was doing well and could walk with crutches for considerable distance.

On 9th day after discharge my daughter found me delirious, twitching and jerking and unable to respond to commands. GP said dial 999.


My daughter was told that the disease moves at a frightening speed, shutting down internal organs, and another few hours' delay in getting me to hospital would have meant the disease and fever would have progressed beyond the stage where it could have been reversed.

Hospitalised for 6 days, discharged one week ago today.
The hip has undoubtedly undergone a setback. I am not at the stage of remobilisation that I should be due to lying in bed for 6 days.

But I am not worried about the hip - the strength will come back and the movment will "catch up"

It's the fatique and depression that have laid me low. I have no energy for anything. I wake in the morning and dread the day, and find myself hanging over my crutches in tears most of the day.

I have two wonderful helpers who blitz the house daily and keep it clean and fresh. Yet I am still an utter misery.

Will this get better? How do I get out of this cycle of misery? Is it the sepsis that has caused me to feel like this? How can I help myself to feel better? I try to put on a face when my helpers are here but don't always manage it and I know I worry them.

Any advice or anecdotes relating to recovery from severe sepsis would be very welcome.
The only other person I knew who had sepsis died from it - I don't know anyone else who can give me the benefit of their experience.

Thank you for reading this.


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I know of two people had the sepsis but they're doing great now. Hope you feel better soon Ringlet
No, I don't have any personal experience of sepsis per se , but I have a few comments.

Would they suffice?
My brother in law had sepsis 3 years ago. He has made a full recovery, no hip surgery. He was depressed and was given a short course of meds for this. He also had some counselling. Ask your surgeon if you should have some physio to get the hip where it should be. Eat well, fresh fruit etc. Maybe some multi vitamins. Get dressed daily etc. Talk to someone don't keep it bottled up. Fresh air and good company. Your feelings are normal after this type of illness.
Mrs JtH developed sepsis after a complicated gallbladder operation.
She was very poorly in hospital for a week. On her realease, she was as weak as s kitten for a similar time but over the course of the next few weeks her strength returned. It took her several months to return to work full-time and to be confident that her health wasn't going to break down, again.

Be gentle, kind and above all, patient with yourself.

Wishing you the best.
My brother developed sepsis...3 years?...ago.
He was in hospital from March until late August, then several months in a rehab unit. Once home he had ongoing physical therapy. Even now he still needs a walker. Mind you, he's just turned 85, so I think he's done amazingly well. Still has a zest for life and gets grumpy old man moments.
All this was in the States not the UK.
And I must add...wishing you well. Be patient and as others have said, be kind to yourself.
It must have been a traumatic experience and when something happens so quickly that you can't process what's happening and you have a brush with death it can lead to post traumatic stress.

I suffered this after an ectopic pregnancy in 2016 for which I had to have an emergency laparoscopy and partial salpingectomy. I lost a lot of blood. I swear I wasn't in my right mind for months afterwards.

Events like this remind us harshly that we are not immortal or invincible.

Trying to focus on a goal (i.e. improving your mobilisation and exercise tolerance) might be a good way of beating this low mood. Perhaps take up a hobby such as colouring or writing just to focus your mind whilst you're on the dreaded crutches.

I do wish you well.

Not me personally, but this happened to a friend of mine and she collapsed on the bathroom floor.
Rushed to hospital and was diagnosed with Septic Arthritis.
My friend had had a knee replacement quite a while ago, and I think it was to do with that.
They drained a lot of gunge from her leg but she isn't out of the woods yet as she's to go back for another operation on her leg.
I remember she had to stay in bed for quite a lot of days, not even able to go to the toilet herself and I remember saying to her that I couldn't stay in bed and have bed pans and bed baths etc for 12 days but here is the thing.
My friend is so laid back I'm surprised she doesn't fall backwards and nothing seems to worry her.
We are very different people and I know that I would get suicidal if that was me.
Would you consider yourself like me as I know I would feel like you are doing if it happened to me.
I hope you will soon be feeling better with your mood, but if you're not, see if your GP can offer some advice. Good luck.
Question Author
Thank you everyone for your kind comments, and good wishes. And for sharing your own experience and the experiences of your friends and acquaintances.

Sqad, yes, I would very much like to read what you have to say about recovery from sepsis. Even though you say you don't have personal experience of the disease, your medical knowledge would be very valuable.

If you have time to post some comments, please feel free.

Thank you again to everyone. The fact that others experienced fatique and depression and got over it makes me a bit more optimistic that this will pass. It's hard to live through. I am usually very active, looking after the animals in my small sanctuary. But now I can literally do nothing.

And I am aware that I also need to stop feeling sorry for myself.
Ringlet. You know these 2 angels who blitz your home every day. Tell them to stop. Put the kettle on. Biscuits optional. From the very beginning ( when you had surgery) tell them how you felt. Then your becoming very unwell. Your experience( what you can remember) in the hospital. ) . How you felt on discharge from hospital, up until now. Repeat part or all of this dreadful experience when you wish. Slowly start concentrating on improving the post operative instructions you were given. Be kind to yourself, don’t feel quilts, I bet this week you will feel a bit better, it maybe only a bit, but it will be better . Take care .
** guilty .
I have nothing useful further to add to the posts received.
My friend developed sepsis and only just caught it in time – caused by a blockage in her colon. She was in intensive care for awhile, and it has taken her a long time to recuperate. She then put her back out because her core was weak from being in hospital and her operation. I went to see her last week, and she really is much better. She has to take it steady, But we were laughing, and planning fun things to do. I think that’s the key – having something to look forward to. It’s difficult at the moment with Covid as it is, but you will feel better; just take it easy and don’t rush your recovery.
Question Author
I am very grateful to everyone for your kindness, sympathy and information. I have read the posts several times and a have taken strength from them. I will continue to read your posts in days to come. This is bound to get better. It can't continue as the person I am now is not the real me. Thank you for your support. Kindest regards
You may not be * the real you today * but each day/week a little bit of you will return .

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Does Anyonehave Experience Of Sepsis?

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