Covid... Co Relation Is Not Causation

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nailit | 19:46 Thu 29th Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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Co relation is not causation I accept.
But I have recently known of so many people personally that have had so many adverse affects from the covid jab.
Its almost become impossible to talk about without been labelled a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist .

But I have my concerns.
One (elderly) friend died soon after having the jab
Another taken seriously ill with breathing problems
Another got cramp pains all over her body and now awaiting scans etc (perfectly healthy before)

So to you who think that I should put something into my body that I shouldnt, and can cause me health concerns in order to protect YOU,
NO! Just NO !


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Nailit; just do what you want. Don't come here telling us all about it! If you're scared, you're scared. Thaat's understandable; so be yourself.
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//Nailit; just do what you want. Don't come here telling us all about it! If you're scared,//
Ill say what I want thanks...
Nailit; you can say what you want. I'm just saying that It's boring not knowing what you are seeking here. Why can't you decide your position and keep it to yourself?
I agree with you nailit. I had mine, but was undecided at the time and I'm still not sure I did the right thing. I will not be having the booster in September, three jabs in one year for the same thing is too much, for me.

I think it's disgusting the way 'anti-vaxxers' get called on here !
Burley, have people been called bad things here for not wanting to be vaccinated?
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//Why can't you decide your position and keep it to yourself?//
Sorry atheist.
Didnt realise that this wasnt a discussion site?
So we all get to keep opinions to ourselves then?
No one can force you to have a jab. Nothing I said in your earlier thread on this changes that. I'm sorry to hear about your friends. But, in general, you have to weigh on the one hand the evidence from literally billions of jabs, implying that adverse effects are incredibly rare, against the evidence of individual cases that are admittedly close to you. It's always hard to set aside your personal experiences, but in matters of healthcare that, yes, do affect others, it's important to be as objective as possible.
Why is it that you seem to have come across so many, as you say, who've suffered extreme after affects...yet the majority on here probably have not? Nor have they personally had negative effects...myself included. The most common I've heard is mild flu symptoms, with a few oddities thrown in.
Well, I guess you have to weigh up the odds and decide which is *most likely* to do you harm
I wouldn't and haven't called anyone names for making their own personal choice.

I have strongly disapproved of some of the large demonstrations such as the one recently where mentions were made of - nurses and doctors standing trial at Nuremberg and then hanging.

Personal choice - make it, fine.
Nailit, I was giving you my opinion. Obviously you don't agree with it, but I'm as entitled to give it as you are to give yours. I'm still puxxled as to why you are posting about your reluctance. Are you hoping for support to give you confidence to stick to your guns? Do you think that someone sensible like Jim might persuade you that vacination is a good thing? Or are you doing a Theland and sticking to your view despite any argument against it?
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Take your jabs....cant stop you!
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See where this is leading?
Naialit, it's leading nowhere. We all know what you think and I for one think that you have made up your mind. Why go on about it here? Just do your thing.
I've had double vaccine my body my choice, just as it's your body your choice, I do however sincerely hope that you stay well and don't end up regreting your decision not to protect yourself.
anti-vaxxers are so contradictory, they refuse to put a so called toxin into their bodies, but put other toxins into their bodies on a daily basis.

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Covid... Co Relation Is Not Causation

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