End-Of-Life Home Care Privately Funded Costs

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Barquentine | 23:51 Thu 06th May 2021 | Body & Soul
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None of their websites reveal the likely costs. Does anyone know just very approx. how much it would cost to have a live-in (a) qualified nurse or (b) carer to do all the things a bed-bound end-of-live cancer patient needs plus do occasional cooking - say 3-5 days each week. And can you get private doctor/medic visits to replicate the expert medical attention provided in a hospice? We just need a ballpark figure to see how far our finances (we will pay privately) could stretch?


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why dont you give some of them a ring?. Live in nurses/carers still need breaks, so you are looking at extra for that too. You CAN get private doctors but they are unlikely to have the same expertise or provide the same hospice experience
Some basic costs and further info here. But I agree with skive, give a few places a call for quotes and advice.
You should also contact Marie Curie or McMillan who provide home care. You need to ask if they organise syringe driver for pain relief etc.
My dad had McMillan nurses daily FOC. The doctor NHS was on call to provide drugs so we always had a supply of morphine.

He chose to go into a hospice though. Fantastic care for both patient and family.

Careers are not cheap. Many of them work through agencies so you'll be paying top whack.

Have you got family members that can help? Like batch cooking with freezer space. Also...microwave cooking has improved vastly over the years.
You're looking at 1000's btw.
also just to warn you, if he is immobile, one person will not be able to do the caring - two people will be needed for turning and personal care and toileting.
Costs a fortune home care, It varies area to area, somebody I knew was paying around £30 plus an hour plus live in it was very expensive. The minimum they can charge per hour is £20-69 per hour. Also depends what level is required, and of course your own personal circumstances should private care costs be too high. As someone has said is there nobody that can help. Regards. Hope you sort it.

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End-Of-Life Home Care Privately Funded Costs

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