Letter Received Today Re High Risk Covid

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BAKERS DOZEN | 18:24 Wed 07th Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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Mr BD received a letter today stating that he is now considered to be at high risk of being seriously unwell if he catches Covid. Really? He has COPD and Diabetes but he's had both of those for about 8 years. Thought he may have got one last year but he didn't so what has changed now? I have got Sarcoidosis of the lungs and Diabetes but heve never received a letter. We've just got on with it. Both had our first jabs with second ones due at the end of this month. Figures are going down and the country is starting to slowly come out of lockdown so don't see the point of the letter.


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Have you checked the date on the letter? Maybe it was lost in the post.
Has he had any medical tests recently?
GPs seem to be trawling through their lists, to identify patients most at risk, very, very slowly indeed.

When I was undergoing chemotherapy (and therefore had almost no immunity from anything), I never received the type of letter your hubby has now received. Months later though, when my immune system had started to get back to normal, someone finally decided that my name should be on the list and I got my first such letter. Since them, I keep getting them from time to time. (I've never taken the slightest notice of them anyway. For example, I've continued doing my own shopping but at times when the shops are very quiet. e.g. I started off using a local corner shop at 5am occasionally and then switched to shopping in Morrisons but only during the last half hour of trading).

It seems that your hubby's GP, or someone else with access to his medical records, has finally noticed that he should have been included on the 'shielding' lists about a year ago! You never know, they might eventually add your own name!
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Letter dated April 2021. He never shops anyway and I've been going out at 7am on a Saturday to get our bits and pieces. He bakes all our bread and keeps the neighbours supplied with bread, crumpets, hot cross buns and muffins so he's doing his share.
Baker's Lung.
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Smokers' lung more likely Sqad. He used to smoke up to 40 a day but stopped about 25 years ago.
That's the terribly inefficient NHS for you.
Bluemoon//That's the terribly inefficient NHS for you.//
The NHS can only go by waht the GPs are telling them.If the GP hasn't notified them of Mr BD's condition then they can't notify him.
I didn't realise they were private GP's
Bluemoon //I didn't realise they were private GP's//
If the GP's didn't tell the NHS, they must have been working outside of the NHS.
I have been getting those letters and e-mails but they didn't originate from my GP.

In March 2020 I was undergoing oral and intravenous chemotherapy when I was hospitalised with sepsis and e-coli. My oncologist decided that my chemotherapy should be discontinued as my immune system was compromised and advised that I would be classified as clinically extremely vulnerable.The hospital then confirmed it in writing.

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Letter Received Today Re High Risk Covid

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