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really forgetful .. early alhzeimers ??- worried

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fleursmummy | 23:49 Sat 03rd Dec 2005 | Body & Soul
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i have noticed over the last cpl yrs that i have been getting progressively forgetful and its really worrying me - eg. this morning, i spent 5 mins looking for trousers to put in the wash, and i was actually wearing them!! i'm forever telling my daughter to take her toys to the kitchen, or bathroom etc .. and just forget silly things on a daily basis - i'm only 38, have got a lot on my mind .. but its just not normal. my grandfather developed alhzeimers in later life, and its worrying me to distraction


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think i've just answered my own question - i'm 36 not 38!!!

i'm hoping its just a sign of stress, i have a lot going on, financial worries, hating my job etc

Hi fleursmummy
Try not to worry yourself, I'm like that too! I'm 39 and have noticed my memory getting worse since my early 30s. Stress obviously plays an important role, if you've got a lot on your mind it's difficult to give your full attention to the tasks in hand, especially mundane ones. I don't know an awful lot about Alzheimer's, but even 'early onset' would be extremely rare in someone of your age, usually beginning to show symptoms in people in their 50s. Obviously the fact that your Grandfather was a sufferer is a concern to you, so why not have a quick chat with your GP? I'm sure this would put your mind at rest. Not sure if this is of interest to you, but taking ginseng and gingko biloba works for a lot of people, there's loads of info on the net. I've got some, but forget to take them!

Hormonal at a wild guess.

Dont worry we all get it to varying degrees and it does tend to start about you age.

Go to your GP if you are worried and ask for a blood test to determine if you are peri-menopausal.He/she will love you for your apparent knowledge - not!!

I think it is more likely to be stress than the onset of Alzheimer�s. When you're stressed, your mind is constantly on the move but not actually concentrating on the present. My mum had three sources of stress a year ago. We could tell from conversations with her that they were all she thought about, and she became very forgetful which caused her even more worry. Apart from enlisting the help of an Uncle to help with the practicalities of her situation, I bought a book called 'How to stop worrying' by Frank Tallis and left it lying around as if it was my book. I read it as well, as I had problems going on too that seemed insurmountable. I recommend it, which is unusual for me. It did help.

lack of good sleep & stress.

trust me, i been there. stop worrying about it, the more u worry the worse it gets.

good luck!

HI, Its called Motherhood, usually lasts about 40 yrs or so !!
try ginkgo biloba and ginseng to improve mental function, though don't take ginkgo if you are on warfarin.

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really forgetful .. early alhzeimers ??- worried

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