My Friends Dad Very Unwell

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gordiescotland1 | 00:05 Sun 24th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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Hi my friends dad is quite unwell in hospital at the moment and I have a feeling my friend is not being told the whole truth about what's going on. I have known him and his dad for a few years. His dad is a doctor avoider not seen a doctor for 9 years in November he started vomiting and diarrhoea every day losing weight and jaundice refused to see a doctor instead claiming to see a pharmacist who gave him vitamin pills and metatone tonic and iron tablets . ?? My friend asked me what I thought was wrong and I was honest having seen another friend die of pancreatic cancer with late diagnosis and similar symptoms I thought it might be this, he suggested this to his mum who agreed. But his dad is 80 she couldn't force him to see a doctor. He had good days and bad days until last Monday he passed out in the house and an ambulance was called. He made a great fuss but he reluctantly agreed to go. Since admission they have discovered one kidney is only functioning at 4% but the other kidney is supporting it. He has had a blood transfusion but my friend doesn't know why he has also had an endoscopy and my friend said that everyone gets one of them in hospital which is obviously rubbish. He then tells me he is too weak to have dialysis but I wouldn't have thought he needed it ?? He then tells me that his mother is told next week to go up and speak face to face to the doctor in charge of his care. Surely not in a pandemic he is not having any visitors?


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Hope things work out.
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My friend is quite isolated he lives on his own and has no other friends apart from me. He really looks up to me and phones me a lot and I dont mind helping him and helping him through this. But I have a feeling his mum is maybe not telling him everything in case she doesn't want to worry him.
Maybe it's the dad's choice not to reveal all. My dad died of cancer back in 2007 and he was the same regards visiting the doctors. He kept saying everything would be ok, but my brother and i sat him down one evening and made him tell us what the actual diagnosis had been. Before he dropped the 'cancer' bomb, he made us swear we wouldn't treat him any differently. He just wanted to be made comfortable through the last days of his life.
First of all gordie nice to see you posting again.
Secondly I am not sure of your question other than would a Dr ask to talk face to face with the next of kin during a pandemic and the answer to that is yes, he may well.

Your friend's dad seems to be in a bad way and from your description I cannot think of a better diagnosis than has been suggested....pancreatic cancer.
He was transfused because of his low blood count and his endoscopy was to try and identify the cause.

Doesn't look too good goodie.
My Dad, and my father in law did the same. Its not uncommon.

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My Friends Dad Very Unwell

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