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postman44 | 11:29 Tue 19th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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In winter. When taking a bath should you keep the bathroom window and door open to let out the steam if you don't have an extractor fan. Please. Thank you.


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I open the window after I have had my bath when it’s cold.
After you've had the bath is good enough
If the room is adequately heated (continuously days before and after) there will be no perceptible steam. Also, if the door is ajar then there will be no noticeable rise in humidity within the room.

I once was looking at samples of false ceiling material and the vendor asked me in which room I was going to use it. I replied I had three rooms in mind, a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom - very high ceilings in all three and I wanted to install lighting in the ceilings and an extractor fan system in the bathroom. He said I might get away with it in the dining room but that the others were a no-no. He said the material would be ruined in the bathroom within a year.

I ignored the advice, bought three different patterns and installed all three false ceilings. That was around thirty years ago and today all three could be passed off as installed in time for Christmas of 2020. The main reason is adequate (and continuous, not timed) heating plus (second) no compartmentising of the house into cells which each have their own damaging environment. The extractor in our bathroom is mostly only used for "number two" events. If you suffer from steam and/or condensation, even simply noticeable dampness, in a bathroom then you need more heating....or less/no bathing or showers.
I normally open the window, our fan is normally used for toilet events (No.2) It clears pretty quick.
Superb post by Karl. I couldn't agree more.
I'm often "evangelising" on here about this.

We are terrible in this country about not keeping the "whole" of our properties at a constant level of heating and humidity.
As an example, my own house is rather large, and mostly open-plan.
Largely because of underfloor heating, the whole building is kept at a constant temperature, even rooms that are seldom or never used.
There is, of course, a high level of insulation.

Recently, the fan in my en-suite broke down. I showered today without it. Nothing steamed up. Although, I shall replace it to reduce amount of water vapour held in the air.

Open the window by all means, but do consider fitting proper extraction, if only to ensure adequate air-changes.

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