Shooting Pain In Ear

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DarceyK123 | 01:47 Fri 15th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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This is a bit of a weird one, i keep getting a shooting pain in my right ear which is so painful its keeping me awake.

Its not on the inside where the drum is or on the lobe, its more on the top bit where us ladies tuck our hair behind it if that makes sense.

Been going on for about a week now.


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Two things occur to me:

Firstly, it might actually be a dental problem, rather than one with your ear. (Yes, I know that sounds odd but, trust me, it's case of 'been there, done that' for me, which makes me suggest it!)

It could also be form of migraine.

Googling finds this list of possible other causes:
I'd try pinching and rolling the area between your fingers as well as a painkiller at night - if it doesn't clear then seek some advice.
Perhaps you have a spot there.
i have pain in the ear and mouth after getting two big dirty back upper and lower molars removed yesterday, lower part of my mouth is quite swelled so just sticking with the painkillers - do they work - I haven't a baldy - nothing is working for me tonight.
ooh, keep taking the nurofen, jj. The day or two after an extraction is never much fun.
Oh JJ that sounds horrific!! Big hugs :(

As to the problem in hand I tend to agree with buenchicho - I had a terrible pain on side of face and turned out I had a mouth abscess....... is there any way u can see a dentist to get checked out at all??
could it be a bite? a tiny insect one so its barely visible
Agree joki - the teeniest of bites can be so painful
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Thanks for all your input,

i didnt think it was mouth problem as its on the ear bit that sticks out from the face (its so difficult to describe!) But I've just had a text saying I'm positive for Covid so its probably something to do with that!!

Oh dear!
Take care Darcey and keep safe.
Darley.........I have to comment,as your description said it all and gave the diagnosis.

The ear has a lobe,an outer ear (not the lobe)and an inner ear each having it's own nerve supply and blood supply.
Pain in the lobe is Never dental or sinus in origin...never and is always psychosomatic (of unknown organic cause).

It will settle.
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Thank you!

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Shooting Pain In Ear

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