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Finally Got Right Thigh Pain X-Ray Results....

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Smowball | 16:30 Tue 22nd Sep 2020 | Body & Soul
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Doctor rang me at home today. She said the actual right hip , where the pain starts and goes down thigh, is fine, but x-ray showed my L5 disc(??) shows signs of degeneration and she is convinced it is trapping the sciatic nerve, which would also explain the shooting pains I get in my coxyx. She said she is referring me to a physio but as she has no idea how long that will take she suggested Googling some exercises to do every day. I’m not overweight at all, and I walk every day, even tho it’s uncomfortable, but she says that will help.
Yet when I Google suggested exercises so many different ones come up that I’m not sure which would be best. Any ideas guys??


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so you're a degenerate. I never would have gussed. Good luck getting some answers that refer to this specific area, somebody may well have had to deal with it before.
Question Author
A degenerate? Cheers lol! Weird thing is I look perfectly healthy.
Thanks Chelle - I will look at those x
I’m sure the results are all very similar. Use the above suggestion C.
Swimming..if you can find somewhere...I used to get severe pain shooting down my leg..sciatica, a trapped nerve. Swimming did not hurt at all but also seemed to untrap the nerve...worked every time. Hope you sort hurts such a lot.
Pay for a Private Physio -around £40 per hour and you may only need to go a handful of times. You can do more damage than good trying to do it yourself.
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Thanks guys - funnily enough I used to swim a lot and was looking back into it last week
I agree with APG 17.02. I only needed one visit to the NHS Physio when I had Sciatica. She gave me specific exercises for where I felt the pain (back of my thigh and lower leg), and I did them regularly and in quite a short time the pain went. The exercises do need to be targeted to be effective.
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Physio it is then!
OH cured his frozen shoulder with Physio, best £125 he's ever spent on a private Physiotherapist I think -saved him from an operation and 6 weeks off work.
I would seriously look to see if there’s a yoga class near you. The stretches would probably help with the sciatic nerve.
Exercise would not be for way.....have ever tried exercising with sciatica? Blo.dy murder.
I would take Ibuprofen 400mgms every six hours and whatever method of treatment you decide upon,it will last about 4 or 5 weeks.

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Finally Got Right Thigh Pain X-Ray Results....

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