Corn/callus removal plasters

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fairy! | 17:11 Mon 28th Nov 2005 | Body & Soul
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I had a corn/callus on the ball of my foot, so the pharmasist recomended some medicated removal plaster thingies... a circluar disk that you place over the corn & then a plaster on top to hold it in place. I assumed the corn would come to the surface & i could remove it easily... but in actual fact, the entire citcular bit of skin that the medication touched has been removed, so now i am left with a patch of completely fresh skin on the ball of my skin & it's very painful to walk on. Was this meant to happen? How long til the skin hardens? & what can I do until then??


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Possibly you were allergic to some component in the actual plaster. I suspect it will take about a week or more for the skin to harden up which is difficult if you are constantly walking on it and in pain. If you can let some air get to the skin whenever possible, this may help the healing process. Do you have a small piece of sponge or foam you could put inside your socks or tights soften the pressure a little.?

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Thanks WendyS... i've got some foamy stuff from the chemist to cushion it a bit... fingers crossed it'll heal over quickly!

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Corn/callus removal plasters

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