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Am I Irritating Already Inflamed Skin With Healing Ointments Rather Than Helping Heal??

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joko | 14:41 Sun 20th Oct 2019 | Body & Soul
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I'm trying to heal and minimise scarring and redness from a surface burn.
ive noticed when i wake up, the burns are fairly flat and paler, but as soon as i put anything on them - ointments that are supposed to speed up healing like sudocrem, elastoplast wound healing, aloe vera gel etc - they become slightly more raised and redder.
They dont hurt, sting or itch now, theyre not new, no weeping or scabs or anything, its been about 3 weeks now.
Theyre kind of red blobs and patches, but with shiny smooth skin over them that catches the light, so obviously i want that to return to normal skin soon as possible.
I know its going to take a while.

But am i actually making them worse? Prolonging the time it will take for them to go away?
is it just because theyre being touched etc, or is it causing mild irritation and i'm actually making them take even longer to heal?

although with nothing on them, they 'look' better, i dont know if using nothing will also just making it take longer to heal too?

i also have very dry skin normally, so need to put E45 cream on at least once a day or it feels tight. i try to work around them but sometimes just put it all over - but is that making them worse too? It doesnt sting but as i say they go redder and raise slightly.

(I also potentially have EDS so wound healing could be an issue for my skin, so as i say, i dont want to leave it to chance and end up with bumps, and i want to hurry up the healing)

Any ideas what is best to do?

thank you :)



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I think the answer to this is to get proper advice from a doc or nurse.
If your skin is generally dry, I would continue treating it the same, including the burns.
All wounds need inflammation and moisture to heal, and being raised and red, is actually a sign they are healing faster.
If you are at all worried, get them checked x
1% hydrocortisone cream twice daily will sort your problem quite nicely.
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thanks all

i have already got these items here -
betamethasone valerate - BP 0.1% w/w topical cortisteroid
the ointment & the cream
proctosedyl ointment - hydrocortisone 5mg, chincocaine 5mg

would either of these acceptable to use?

you could be allergic to lanolin if that is one of the ingredients I know it is in E45 cream
Joko....I would use the betamethasone 0.1% cream or ointment.
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thanks sqad

i dont think im allergic to lanolin - ive been using e45 for many years an never had a reaction. will test anything new on other skin though just to be sure
My husband has hugely sensitive skin on his legs - and a wound which leaks and irritates it. Betamethasone 1.0% does the trick - I've run out so am trying a generic - but surrounding skin is deteriorating fast and I've managed to get an appt. for Tuesday, when I hope I can get another tube.

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Am I Irritating Already Inflamed Skin With Healing Ointments Rather Than Helping Heal??

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