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jakep | 12:00 Fri 05th Jul 2019 | Body & Soul
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Right ear has felt blocked for quite some time. My hearing is below par.
Went to a clinic for microsuction. Small amount of wax in ear but not blocked. Wax removed. Left ear clear.
Practitioner suggest saline nasal wash which I’ve done twice a day for two weeks.
My right ear “feels” totally blocked still.
Any comments/advice please?


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Yes, I have a comment.
Unilateral deafness ( deafness in one ear) should be seen by an ENT specialist as it is not clear from your posts if this is a middle ear or a nerve deafness and this can only be established by a Specialist.
Your treatment and further management will depend upon this differentiation.
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Thank you Sqad. I see my GP on Monday.
Saline nasal washes for deafness, does it help ?
If it is a middle ear problem secondary to sinus disease, then it may well help.
Problem is........we don't know whether this is a middle ear problem or an inner ear (nerve) problem.
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Not in my case Anne. I think the theory was to try and equal the pressure in the Eustation Tube via the sinuses.
//Fao Retired Ent Surgeon//

You meant sqad ? - why not just say sqad ? :-)
LOL ^^^
Basil, AB has 3 retired ent surgeons. ,!

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Fao Retired Ent Surgeons And Experienced Others......

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