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Hip And Bone Pain, Been Xray Ok, Going To See Othopedic Tomorrow Anything I Should Ask In Paticular ?

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alinic | 16:23 Wed 12th Sep 2018 | Body & Soul
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The pain is in my left hip and it feels its in the bone, my left hip/bum has been getting physio as the muscle that goes across the large but muscle has tightened ? had ultra sound and exercises to do but this has gone on for months and getting no respite from both sides. Any input thoughts appreciated


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Piriformis Syndrome......;-)
19:48 Thu 13th Sep 2018
Yes.......the question that i would ask is, as my life is miserable with the pain and if the X-Rays of my hip confirms Osteo -arthritis.................then "When can i have a hip replacement?

That's all you will need to ask.
Ooops! just noticed that you say X-Ray was normal.
Still, my first reply stands.
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I had x-ray back in Feb or march all seemed well nothing showed up on x-ray ? what now? Thanks sqad hip X-Ray?
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Sorry never made myself clear, hip was x-rayed and nothing showed. Just don't want to be fobbed off with nothing, defo something going on, pain constantly, wakes me every night, sleep with a pillow between knees, but it doesn't help.. thanks again.
alinic.......disregard my comments of 16.30 as they depended upon and abnormal hip X-Ray and as it is normal, then one can disregard a diagnosis of Osteoarthritis of the hip and that eliminates the question of hip replacement.
You describe the pain as in the buttocks, but is there any radiation of the pain down the back of the thigh and legs (sciatica)?
I have the same problem, Alinic. So, I am awaiting yours and Sqad's responses with interest.
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I have had it in the past but its not that, its a inner bone pain on left hip, urine sample sent away to check for some sort of bone cancer, it came back clear. I just want answers and to ask the right questions! Thanks.
erm well clearly we dont have the answers - your doctor is much more likely to
the only q I can think of is:

considering the X ray is normal - why do I have so much *** pain in my hip doc?
oh this question

do you think I should have a CT or MRI scan ? haven't answered my question and we are all assuming at this stage that it is bone pain without any radiographic evidence.
In the absence of a reply from you,when may assume that it is nerve pain and can be caused by compression of the sciatic nerve as in what is call piriformis syndrome and that would be a good question to ask.
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thanks all for input, x-rayed again nothing showed, but he is going to send me for a MRI. Sorry sqad. For got to ask about perform syndrome , but looked it up and that sounds like my right buttock! (just need to find out what's going on with the left! Lol keep you posted where ever I get it done and results are in. Thanks all. Ali.
Piriformis Syndrome......;-)

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Hip And Bone Pain, Been Xray Ok, Going To See Othopedic Tomorrow Anything I Should Ask In Paticular ?

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