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Brain cysts and radiation?

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emsidoodles | 23:30 Thu 27th Oct 2005 | Body & Soul
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OK, this is quite a long story so I'm going to shorten it. I have a friend who ahs a habit of...lying, I'm sure everyone has known someone like that. Well, he told me he has a brain cyst NOT a tumour, a fluid-filled cyst. He said he has been going to Guy's hospital, London and they had treated it with radiation. I have spent the last two nights on the internet researching brain cysts and the only treatment I've found is removal of the cyst and sac OR draining of the fluid. I havn't seen anything about using radiation? And doesn't radiation only kill cells? They'd still have to get rid of the fluid? But he says it's just...gone! The radiation burnt it..or...something like that! So is he lying, or can brain cysts be cured using radiation? I'd really like the answer to this question if anyone can help! Please help! Thankyou xXxXx



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i don't think that they'd use radiation unless they *really* had to. It's pretty serious and I'm sure there'd be noticable side effects not to mention the course would probably be quite long. I'm no expert but it sounds a bit strange.
unless he wants you to do something for him on the basis of his lie (like loan loads of money) can't you just let it go? its obviously important to him in some way. You don't have to show loads of interest, just change the subject, neither do you have to actually challenge him
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But how can I base a friendship on a lie like this? How can I trust him again? He told me he would have 4 weeks to live if the doctors couldn't treat it and that was VERY scary!!!! Maybe I'm wierd, but I honestly can't trust someone if they lie to me about something serious like this xXxXx

That does sound weird... I'd want to know for sure although I do think Woofgang's advice is good. Could you engage in the conversation and ask him techinical qu's and then judge by his response? You'll feel awful if he's telling the truth though...and I feel awful just suggesting it. Has he any reason to lie?

No medical knowledge but I have a feeling radio waves can be used to break up lumps/clots/cysts anywhere in the body - could it be something like that?

but from your post, you knew he was a liar before he told you this so what has changed?
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He has never lied about anthing this serious before...just little things. I asked him about it earlier, subtly and carefully and he changed his story...twice. So i asked him to tel me the truth and he admitetd he'd lied. Thanks for your advice Morrisonker, Woofgang and Grimalkin! xXxXx

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Brain cysts and radiation?

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