Heart Monitor Results - Time Delay

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Arrods | 12:26 Tue 15th Aug 2017 | Body & Soul
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Because of unexpected falls and occasional light-headedness, a friend was fitted with a heart monitor one week ago. Told that results would be sent to surgery. Phoned surgery yesterday to be told results would take 10 weeks to come through! Is that normal? And what if the results indicated something sinister? Any help/comments appreciated.


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That is unnecessary,worrying for the patient and the only thing that it denotes is a mal functioning health service.
In fact it is no service at all.
You are correct.......what if they indicated something sinister?
I've had numerous heart monitors both with the hospital and GP. Typical waiting time has been a week maybe a tad longer for hospital ones.
Ah!....are you talking about an insertable monitor or a 48 hour monitor.
If it is the former then it may be left in for over three months and if all is normal for that time, then it could be left in for longer until it records an "episode".
So, I will modify my accusation.
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Thanks both. In fact it was a 24 hour monitor. And GP had said if you have another fall go to A&E. I think friend needs to keep pushing on this.
Maybe 10 days ?
OK....well I take back my "half apology".....that is a poor service for a 24 hour monitor.

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Heart Monitor Results - Time Delay

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