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Menopause Query

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lynbrown | 23:50 Tue 28th Mar 2017 | Body & Soul
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As I posted on here a couple of days ago, my daughter (49) has had a migraine since 16 March plus fuzzy vision. She cannot read or drive. She had a clear CT scan today and awaits an MRI scan tomorrow. The general consensus is that she is suffering from the start of the menopause. I know women get headaches at all times of their life but I have never heard of such a severe headache and side effects lasting this long. We don't know when she will get back to work. She has pain relief tablets but they only partially dull the headache. Can anyone recognise these symptoms, and how did you deal with them? Thanks in advance.


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Both my mother (48) and my one brother (26) get appalling migraines/ headaches that can last for days / weeks on end. My mother was told her might be hormone related to her age since they got worse in her 40's but that doesn't explain my brothers- he was unable to work for nearly six months on one occasion as he couldn't function at all, even losing his ability to co-ordinate. My mother takes very hot baths and then stands on her head and swears it's the most effective thing aside from normal pain relief and massages but really apart from those anecdotal ideas I think you'll have to wait til Sqad turn up. Hope she feels better soon though x
Hi lynbrown, something along the lines of what your daughter is suffering happened to me in 1994 ( I'm not female ), turned out that I had suffered a brain aneurysm. The hospital found out what had happened by performing a lumber puncture ( I have no idea how they can tell from that ), I was then transferred to a neurosurgical hospital where I had several different types of scans and then operated on.
Does your daughter have any other symptoms such as sensitivity to light or nausea and vomiting ?.
This may well be a difficult time for your daughter as headaches around the time of the menopause are well recognised but difficult to treat, but the good news is, that in the majority of cases, they do cease after a time. It is the hormonal changes around this time that is thought to cause the problem and going on the contraceptive pill may well be the answer, the downside is that it may in some cases make it worse.
You do not say what pain killers shes is taking.

". The hospital found out what had happened by performing a lumber puncture ( I have no idea how they can tell from that ),"

There would have been blood in the fluid that was withdrawn, Those were the days before MRI scans.
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They have decided she had a mini stroke. She is on the mend, still has eye problems but headache lessened. Thanks all.

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Menopause Query

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