Help! Hair dye on skin and facial hair

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Suzannew | 20:05 Thu 06th Oct 2005 | Body & Soul
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Just coloured my daughter's hair with a 6-week lasting colour.  Some of the colour got left of the skin at the side of the face and I can't wash it off and it has coloured some of the facial hair, have tried scrubbing with soap and water, face cleansers, and it's still there!  Any suggestions? 


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Try a facial scrub, if you don't have one try making one with some moisturiser mixed with suger or salt granules, obviously you'll have to rinse it off afterwards though! Or try using fairy liquid for a more gentle approach. And persevere, it will come off eventually!
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many thanks, will try that
Try using cigarette  ash on cotton wool don't know why but it works
Next time you do her hair if you get any on her skin try and wipe it off as soon as possible with  cotton wool and a little conditioner.
A good scrub with conditioner always works for me and I am the expert-LOL
a cotton wool ball dipped in milk seems to work too

i use nail polish remover if it is really bad. Don't forget to wash it off her skin afterwards.

Also, next time you colour, smear a bit of vaseline along the hairline as this stops the colour getting on the skin and wipes off easily afterwards

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Thanks everyone, will try everything, very good tip with the Vaseline, will remember that one.  Fortunately the long hair is hiding it so she has gone off to school happy. x

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Help! Hair dye on skin and facial hair

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