Are the best things in life free...?

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Eurox | 10:32 Wed 21st Sep 2005 | Body & Soul
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If so, what are they?


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LOVE and Happiness
Health. Come close to loosing it, and you'll realise just how valuable it is.

Rubbish. the best things in life are football stickers and 2 for 1 offers in Tescos. Both cost money although one is a good saving exercise.

sex!  Provided you aren't paying for the pleasure...

Also nature and scenary.  There's nothing quite like wandering in teh countyside adn being blown away by the hills, sky, animals and all the amazing stuff you don't get in town. *goes into hippy mode*

Well according to Janet Jackson (to Loofer Van Dross - sic)....

You won't pay nothin' for this good lovin' It's for free

Debatable whether that's the best thing or not really.  I would go with finding an abandoned suitcase full of unmarked �50 notes as being pretty darn good.

No. The best things in life are NOT free the best thing in life is to be free

i think one of the best things is having a giggle with friends

Actually I might go for the sun, (not the red top rag, but the fiery ball in the sky) I'd be hard pushed to find love or happiness wandering around in a black, barren wasteland, especially if it was too inhospitable for life to have ever existed.

"Money is the sixth sense, without it you can't enjoy the other five".

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Are the best things in life free...?

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