High Pressure Behind The Eyes

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jacpinetree17 | 20:03 Sun 20th Sep 2015 | Body & Soul
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Had my eye test recently (every 2 years). This time though i was told the pressure behind the eyes were higher and wants me to go back in 12 months. This seems a long time to wait. What causes this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks x


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By far....the commonest cause is glaucoma ( Google it) and it would seem that your pressure (intra-ocular pressure) seemed ..."borderline."
12 months is not unreasonable for a re-check.
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thanks squad. yes the optician mentioned glaucoma so if its not come down at my next appointment then they give me eye drops to try to lower it. I thought it was an age thing? Thanks again xxxx
My pressure readings are always high. A referral to a specialist in France found that I had what I can only translate as 'greasy eyeballs', which distorts the readings. Examination found that my optic nerve looked fine. They are checking for the onset of glaucoma (from which my dad suffered).

A couple of months ago in UK I went for an eye test and new specs. and had to go back for a pressure test (again!... yawn) all was well, yet again. They didn't use the word 'greasy', but circled round it. Sometimes my vision does blur as a chunk of what looks like fat drifts across it!

They mean well, and I am glad that they check, but don't worry about it - as I don't!

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High Pressure Behind The Eyes

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