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Pregnancy - Positive/negative

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Tired_Vines | 23:29 Tue 17th Mar 2015 | Body & Soul
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Hi all.

I suspected I may be pregnant a few weeks ago, so took a test and it came back positive.
I then took another test (was just making sure) and it came back as negative.
Went to see my GP, who did a test and it was positive.

I had some bleeding last night, early evening, quite heavy (sorry to be gross) and the most horrendous stomach cramps.
To cut a long story short, I'm pretty sure I miscarried... but... I did another test today and it's still showing as positive?

I'm certain I miscarried, it was more than just 'spotting' (again, sorry), but I'm confused by the 'positive' result today??

I know this will sound awful, but I was planning on having a termination, as it's just not the right time nor circumstances, but I don't really know where I stand?

Any ideas or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :-(


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Of course you aren't. He was there too. Wouldn't he rather know? Whichever way- it isn't painful for long xx
00:00 Wed 18th Mar 2015
it is possible to stil have a positive pg test in the middle of a miscarriage
The hcg hormone will still be there, so it won't be accurate to test that way for a few days.
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I really don't want to sound like an insensitive cow, but I'm just trying to get some answers.
I've been taking contraception, so it's not as if I'm being 'stupid', it was obviously just an unfortunate mistake, but I'm just so worried as to what's happening.

I don't really want to go back to my GP, as the last time I saw someone they talked about counselling regarding a termination.
I don't need that.
have you tried marie stopes?
when they say counselling it's not like counselling counselling!
You don't have to if you don't want to. They might offer you a scan or wait a few more days and retake the test.
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It's so tricky.
I know this, again, sounds terrible, but I've tried to spare my partner from all this grief and have kept a lot of it to myself.
I'd just prefer not to speak to him about it, as I don't want to hurt or upset him.

I think I'll wait a few more days and do another test, see what that says.

Thank you.
Does he know at all? It might be worth speaking to him. Good luck, anyway xx
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I told him I was pregnant, but said I would "deal with it" - Again, I know that sounds awful. I just didn't want him worrying about things.
He's not really mentioned it since, so I assume he thinks I've gone through with a termination.
Last night was absolute agony, and I so desperately needed someone there with me, but I can't tell him this is still going on :-(
You can. It wasn't all down to you. At least get some support from him. He shouldn't be leaving you to it like that.
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He's not. Not at all.
He's been so good to me, and I just feel like I'm letting him down with all of this.

I'd rather deal with it than trouble him.
Of course you aren't. He was there too. Wouldn't he rather know? Whichever way- it isn't painful for long xx
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Thank you - that's very sweet of you :)
It's a horrendous situation, and I just don't want to complicate things further by upsetting him :-(

It's hard for both of you- should be easier together though. I would try anyway. He is aware and he may feel better there was no decision in the end. You take care xx
The pregnancy test may remain positive for a week or so following miscarriage. However if you continue to bleed and especially if you have "gripping" pains, for another day or so, then see your GP as you may have some retained products of conception which will need removing.
sqad is right. ive worked on ward with epac (early pregnancy and assessment unit) we had many ladies with delayed misscarraiges who needed evacuation of products of conception. Gyny doc would normally take bloods, examination (even if still bleeding), followed by an ultra sound scan. The majority of ladies were successfully given medical management (tablets) if unsuccessful then surgical management took place. Most patients go home 6 hours after surgery
if he's been good with you, you could try trusting him with the truth; you sound as if you could do with someone to lean on for a few days till it's fully sorted out
I hope you are feeling a bit better by now...and have gone to your GP to be checked over.

As to your doesn't sound as though you talk to each other about the important stuff.....and it's difficult to think of many things more important than termination of pregnancy/miscarriage/health....maybe things would be better for you both if you did.

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Pregnancy - Positive/negative

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