Trapped Wind Causing Pain In Collarbones?

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Denisec4502 | 13:23 Fri 20th Feb 2015 | Body & Soul
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Sounds weird, but is it possible that trapped wind can cause pain in the left collarbone? I suffer from constipation and trapped wind from time to time, and along with it I get severe pain in my left collarbone and shoulder area- it feels like a nerve is pinched type of pain, but it goes in about 30 minutes, I also get stomach pain when I have it.


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the same nerves that ennervate the liver area also ennervate the shoulder, and it's common for pain to get referred
Well, you learn something new everyday!!
I thought it was the right hand shoulder for liver pain though
Question Author
Oh thanks bednobs....strange as the liver is on the right and pain in left collarbone..thanks
I find taking small sips of distilled water often helps disperse wind problems.
Maybe?........or maye not.
Big deal? ......or maybe not.
Bednobs........LOL.......sorry couldn't resist the " LOL" old are you, are you on any medication and do you smoke?

This " pain" for how long has it been affecting you and I'd it related to exercise and does it radiate down your left arm?

Are you intolerant of fatty foods and do you feel full after a small amount of food?
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I am 44. On no medication do not smoke, not overweight. It starts in the collarbone and radiates across to my vertebrae in my neck. I rub on Nurofen Gel and it settles within 20 minutes. It is just annoying, and comes on really quickly.. and goes as fast. It's annoying as I feel unable to drive when I have it is painful.
Nurofen gel will take away a muscular ache, if the pain is attributed to wind I am confused how Nurofen would settle it? Wind is a totally different sensation to other pains.
I consulted a GP because I had trapped wind which seemed to settle at the very top of my stomach and I confused it for chest pain, it was a bit like a stitch after running. But nothing serious found. Exercise helps my trapped wind, not on the onset of it but just in general, I suffer less when I exercise regularly. I also kept a diary and found the foods most associated with my trapped wind pains, and cancelled them out or reduced the amount consumed
Ah!...then almost big deal.

Continue with your Ibuprofen as it is almost certainly muscular in nature..........that is Ibuprofen by mouth or as a gel.

if it doesn't settle withinin a couple of weeks, then see you GP.
does the pain 'come on ' after eating ?
why lol sqad? I hope you read my answer when i seemed to upset you hte other day? you could be right ;-)

situs inversus whre the abdominal organs are the opposite way round occurs in roughly 1: 10,000 people and Denisec could just be

No idea what you are talking about, as far as i remember you have never upset me.
good. I was referring to the post where someone said "with your upbringing you should know better" or something like that
bednobs....naaah! forget it.

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Trapped Wind Causing Pain In Collarbones?

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