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Thyroid Gland

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Rosie29 | 16:56 Wed 22nd Oct 2014 | Body & Soul
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I have a six monthly BP checkup and fasting blood taken - I see a specialist nurse and the doctor alternately. Yesterday, the nurse explained that my thyroid level was ok but "the thyroid gland was having to work harder to keep the level up". Everything else was fine - liver and kidney function ok as were the rest of the blood results. Is there anything I can do to improve the working of the thyroid gland or is it just age? I am 82 and in good health. Thanks for any thoughts.


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I presume by that she meant that your thyroid stimulating hormone level was on the high side. That doesn`t mean the thyroid isn`t producing the correct levels though. Personally, unless there were symptoms I wouldn`t worry about it. Maybe eat an idodine rich diet? I`m not an expert - Sqad is but maybe he`s having his dinner.
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Thanks 237 - Hope Sqad enjoying his dinner - hope you enjoy yours too.
Wife in had to get my own dinner (microwave).

I agree with the comment of 237SJ

Are you taking thyroid tablets at the moment? If so you need to up your dose.

If you are not taking thyroid tablets at the moment, have you had blood tests for thyroid? If not then you need these blood tests.
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Thanks squd - no, I'm not taking any thyroid tabs - and I assume the blood tests that I had last week included thyroid function. I was told that this would be reviewed at the next 6 monthly appt. unless I felt the need to go before. I assume that meant unusual tiredness - my OH kept falling aslleep even when he didn't want to and his doc found his thyroid level low and he is now on tabs.
Ah! Rosie.......yes......they would have included thyroid tests whic would have been "borderline normal."

You feel well.........that is the main thing.

Your thyroid tests will be repeated in 6 months.
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Cheers Sqad - Hope you don't have to rely on microwave for much longer.
Rosie...2 more days...thanks.

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Thyroid Gland

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