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pixie373 | 19:51 Sat 20th Sep 2014 | Body & Soul
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Hi sqadlet. Just had a client collapse, in and out of consciousness, white, clammy and struggling to breathe. The paramedics diagnosed him with "total heart block". He is 89, heart rate 34, had 600 mg of atropine and heart rate remained at 34.
I want to ask if he'll be ok- but probably have to wait and see. What is or causes total heart block please? He is (well-controlled) diabetic, but otherwise healthy.


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pixie......many, many causes....but the commonest by far is a coronary thrombosis.
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Thank you both xx. He had a check-up a week ago and everything seemed fine. Will keep my fingers crossed x
He was lucky pixie, my Dad died from coronary thrombosis age only 57 but that was nearly 40 years ago, I'm sure survival rates are better now. I wish him well.
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Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that, Ann xx thank you. News from niece is "still very poorly". Been trying to insert a pacing line.
Sorry I misunderstood your post Pixie, I thought you meant he had since had a check up and sounded fine now. But it seems he may not be out of the woods yet? His age is probably against him - when did this happen?
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About 5pm today. His check-up was about a week ago, so seems very sudden.
O dear, poor man. Hope the outcome will be ok, his family must be really worried.
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He only has a niece and she isn't local. It'll be me and my sister visiting only. But we'll do our best xx
My dad recently had a similar heart attack. He was told that he was lucky to be alive, and that most people don't survive a heart attack that has complete blockage. He started a yoga program and went on a diet immediately.
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Sorry dottyy. Only just seen your answer. Our client had a pacemaker put in on tuesday- heart rate back to 60 and was sent home on Thursday. He is a bit tired and having extra calls at the moment, but seems well.

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Total Heart Block

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