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Shiny/greasy skin

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fudgee_babee | 17:12 Tue 26th Jul 2005 | Body & Soul
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Please someone help me!

I seem to have developed really horrible shiny skin on my face.

Does anyone know of some really good products that i can use to get rid of it.

Please don't suggest make-up because i hate working.





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Is it greasy chiny or dry and squeaky shiny??  Try washing it with mild soap free cleansers, such as the facial cleanser from the 'simple' range or the vitamin e section in body shop.  Then it is important to moisturise it though, look for the oil free examples from the brands already named.  Have you changed your diet/job/habits recently?  Be kind to your skin though!
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It's squeeky shiny.. not changed jobs/diet or anything.. it's horrible!!

i use garnier.. and moisturise too.. is there like a specialist or anything i can see?

Yes, go into any large department store and ask in the skincare specialist.  Clinique are very helpful and their products are gentle.  Alternitively, you could ask your doctor to refer you to a dermatologist.  As for make up- avoid it if you can.

You say that you wash and moisturise- what products do you use?  dremember not to scrub your face, gently does it.

I would recommend jurlique rose silk dust as an excellent way to get rid of the shine. Also remember that sometimes your skin will over compensate so you may need a gentler cleanser. Finally, i get this occasionally too and it is quite simply connected to my period: for a few days a month i can almost feel teh oil oozing out ofmy face YUCKO... that's when the old silk dust is great.
I recommend Mario Badescu products (you can buy them at  I use the healing powder which has kaolin in it and really helps my shiny nose.

Clearasil produce a moisturiser that reduces shine.

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Shiny/greasy skin

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