Jacuzzi's and blood pressure

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spikeybob | 08:19 Fri 22nd Jul 2005 | Body & Soul
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Just been on Holiday at a Hotel with a jacuzzi.They had a sign on it saying that anyone with High or low blood pressure could not use it or pregnant women or kids (kids i can understand in case they get sucked under and drown ). Does anyone know why this is as I have high blood pressure ( being treated of course its been normal since the tablets). Or is it just one of those things where people do not want to be sued if anything untoward does happen. Thanks


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This question has just been asked recently, and I think it has something to do with the jacuzzi warming up the blood and causing it to travel quicker around the body ~ or something like that!  Hope the posters who replied previously see this and answer your question more sensibly than I have!!
Sounds like the hotel covering their backs for insurance purposes. Must be some sort of jacuzzi to suck kids under!

There is incresing evidence that prople with high BP should avoid Jacuzzis see HERE for more on this, and kidney disease as well.

It is probable that relaxing in a hot tub will cause anyone's blood pressure to fall, and this may cause dizziness or unconciousness when rising quickly to get out. If people with high blood pressure use a Jacuzzi there is a danger that the pounding by the bubbles and pressure of the water on the lower torso can cause ruptures in small blood vessels in the body (lungs, kidney, liver etc.) and this will be undetectable immediately but only when massive harm has been done later.

There is clearly some benefit for Diabetes people using a Jacuzzi (provided they do not suffer from Hypertension as well!) see HERE for a view on this.

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Jacuzzi's and blood pressure

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