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Tooth Obsession

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moof | 23:11 Thu 30th Jun 2005 | Body & Soul
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My friend has an obsession about her teeth. For the record they are perfectly fine. We think it has something to do with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She is constantly worried about her teeth, whether she's going to get a toothache, whether she has a lump etc. She is NOT scared of going to the dentist, as she is constantly making appointments and phoning him, although she does not like going, the obsession of her teeth seems to be more important. Her dentist does not help, he has billed her for thosands bcoz of her visits.....has anyone heard of this before? I'd really like to find a helpline/support group to help her. One that is specific to this kind of problem/obsession, not a general OCD helpline thank you...


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OCD is a tricky one - you have to know yourself you have it before you can deal with it. Most of the time you can just get on with your life and deal with it but it sounds like it is ruling your friends life - this is when help is needed as soon as possible. It is hard to find a 'specific' help group for OCD as everyones complusions are different - if she knows she has a problem then get her to go to her GP as soon as possible who can refer her to a specialist. If she does not know you need to gently point it out to her. Most complusions are totally illogical so confronting her with logic is your best bet. Present her dentist bills to her, show her how much she has spent, show her how often she is going for the same thing - challege her to not visit her dentist for one month but be very gentle with her. If you are too forceful she will start to hide what she is doing from you. hope it goes ok x

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Tooth Obsession

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