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Yay, Home And Not Chickenpox :)

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Eve | 18:01 Sat 09th Feb 2013 | Body & Soul
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Managed to escape from hospital. Tests came back negative for chickenpox so out of that danger which is great so they let me home. Fastest discharge ever! They had a lady on a trolley outside the room as I was packing my stuff up within about 10 mins of being told no chickenpox and I could go home!

Still no idea what it is, white count is up and the blistery spots are still there so they said to try Piriton in case it's some kind of allergy.

They said I can take meds as normal, including back on the methotrexate which I'm a bit nervous about as they don't know what is causing it but don't want to have a break in taking it if I don't have to - was due to take it last night.

Good news it's not the pox though and very glad to be back on my sofa :)



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Well, good to see you didn't sound like chicken pox from the start.

Still wonder about the Methotrexate.
Good news glad you are safe and sound and back home.
Glad you got good news, Jenna. Chicken pox is horrible
Question Author
Thanks all. I'm wondering too now Sqad, am debating whether I should take yesterday's dose or wait to speak to rhumatology on Monday first.

I took some pics on my phone yesterday, not great and got icky tape stuff from bloods being taken but you can see some of the blistery bits. Hope it works...

Glad to see you are back home : )

Maybe you have ABitis!!
As you well know......Dermatology is not my favoured speciality...;-)....but I would say that methotrexate does come to mind as the culprit.

Only a Consultant Dermatologist would give a relevant opinion.
Glad to see you made it home Jenna, take it as easy as you can now x
glad you are back home, there is nothing like your own bed :)
Question Author
No worries, just glad it's not chickenpox so hidden it under my dressing gown to ignore it while I curl up on my nice warm sofa with a doughnut to celebrate my escape :)

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Yay, Home And Not Chickenpox :)

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