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Eve | 21:26 Wed 14th Nov 2012 | Body & Soul
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Hi, I've noticed that the lower right quarter of the white bit of my eye is really red and has been for a couple of weeks. No crusty stuff or sticking like in conjunctivitis and no injury.

I ignored it initially as I figured it got irritated when my eyes had a really dry (drier than usual) spell a week or so ago with blurred vision coming back. It's still red now. My eyes are dry generally and I'm using cellulose eye drops every couple of hours and lacrilube before bed every night to help them (preceding the red eye - seeing eye clinic and they think the dryness is arthritis related, possibly Sjogrens Syndrome as also have a dry mouth).

My eye is a bit sore at the sides but only if I move my eye to the side really. I would try eye drops but putting them in loads already if anyone has any suggestions?

If it hasn't cleared in a couple of days I'll see if the Red Eye Optician can have a look or ring the docs to ask, not due back at the eye hospital until next month.


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Keep lubricating as you are or more frequently if you are able and go and see your red eye optometrist or return to the eye clinic. This could be someone such as marginal keratitis associated with your dry eye issues and needs investigation and management.
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Thanks York, I will try to get into the red eye opticians after work, see what they say. Thanks for your advice, much appreciated.
morning jenna. sorry to hear that you are having problems again. i hope your day goes ok x
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Thanks lcg x

I saw the red eye optician after work and he said it's arthritis related episcleritis and to keep on with my lubricating stuff and watch out for pain etc... in case it goes any deeper into scleritis. He said it could take a few weeks to clear up. Fingers crossed it sorts itself out soon :)

Thanks for your advice.

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