raised ALT levels

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redcrx | 09:56 Fri 17th Aug 2012 | Body & Soul
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Following a few blood tests over the last few months, my GP is still saying i have raised ALT levels (58 i think it was at last count, 52 before that)

He keeps asking if i drink (which i dont) and saying that without any other raised enzymes theres nothing to worry about but is still sending me for an ultrasound.

Is there anything else it could be? The next bloods are testing for all sorts, hepatitis, Coeliac amongst them.

Ive also noticed that instead of actually having a large tummy/middle, that my bulk is mainly just below my ribs, causing me to look pregnant. This part can also feel slightly bruised at times.


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Hi! I left a note for you of welcome on the Smowball thread.

ALT...levels a" bit" high.......but no big deal.
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i saw it sqad but didnt want to post on smowballs thread. Ive been very busy recently, hardly been on, mainly just taking a peek every few days.
I doubt ive missed much more than the same old same old :)

Thanks for the answer, ultrasound in 2 weeks and then seeing GP again next month
Yeah!,AB same old , same old as you say......

Let me know the result of the ultrasound.

With all other LFT's being normal, and the 50's are no big deal, then i shouldn't worry.
nice to " see " you red, im sure your scan will be ok. :)
are you taking any otc medicine regularly?
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whats an otc medicine?
all i take regularly are my asthma medications
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oh and hayfever daily stuff
otc = over the counter
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just had ultrasound.
no sign of gallstones but the scan shows i have a "fatty liver"
i now have to wait for bloods etc before speaking to GP.

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raised ALT levels

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