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SunBurn Ouch

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DONNA1458 | 14:19 Mon 12th Mar 2012 | Body & Soul
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What is best to buy from chemist for sunburn, aftersun irritates me. Thanks


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E45 lotion helps me but my Mum swore by calamine lotion.
Just dont get sand in your sheets.......
I agree calamine is the one for real relief. Oh and cool/cold baths which I had to do once following getting burnt in Cyprus in February!
Sudocrem is very good for sunburn
I would recommend Aloe Vera oil of some sort - AV juice poured on is a temporary solution

Or Vitamin E Oil
Wouldn't use anything oily or greasy. Aloe vera gel is what we use.
We use Aloe Vera gel as well... Brilliant if you keep it in the fridge!
If you use P20 as a suncream in the first place, use it according to the instructions i can guarantee you wont be needing aftersun as its absolutely brilliant!
OK - one step further. Stay out of the sun and you won't be needing anything!
Yep, aloe vera gel.
Sunburn? From where???
the sun
Ba dum tish!
...or UV lamp...or "tanning" salon....
You might need to explain this "sun" word to B00, she is from opp north remember.
sad but true ^
Lancashire is more than just "up north"
Aloe Vera gel, just perfect, soothing, and it works.

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SunBurn Ouch

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