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Driving Tests?

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codie n | 16:55 Fri 06th May 2005 | Body & Soul
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Has any of you felt unfairly done by on your driving tests if yes, did you do anything about it.i.e complain to your examiner or to the dsa?


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On my first driving test my examiner was being examined so there was another man sat in the back of the car. I failed the test for observation whilst doing a bay park and only got 3 minors apart from that. My driving instructor and I were both sure that he would have only given me a minor for the observation if the examiner was not being tested himself. (which i still don't think i did wrong). I was gutted but we decided we couldn't take it any further and I would just have to do it again.
My poor neice has just failed her driving test before even getting in the car because of her instructor's car having a faulty headlight. I know they say you are in charge of the vehicle, etc, so you are responsible, but what instructor tells you every time you get in the car with him to switch all the lights on, then get out, walk around the car and make sure they're all working?

I think it's wrong that she's lost that money - and the money from the 4-hour lesson she paid for before her test. Whether it's the law or not, it's not fair.
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Its not fair iv failed 7 times now , I take my tests in my own car because i cant afford lessons anymore but that means i have to pay tax , insurance , mot all for a car i cant drive iv been trying for 4 years to past my test at a cost of 3000 pound and my last examiner told me ( i shouldnt realy be doing this but im going to fail you)Ahhh what do i do , its so frustrating.

codie.n you could try a residential driving school if you can afford it.

My heart bleeds :-)
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Thanks up a pickle it was interesting to read,something i will think about.Im guessing gef passed first time with no problem at all.

I may be wrong here but I would think the  Driving Instructor is providing a service and so he may be covered by The Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, 1980.

A section states- 
"39.�Subject to section 40, in every contract for the supply of a service where the supplier is acting in the course of a business, the following terms are implied�
( a ) that the supplier has the necessary skill to render the service,
( b ) that he will supply the service with due skill, care and diligence,
( c ) that, where materials are used, they will be sound and reasonably fit for the purpose for which they are required, and
( d ) that, where goods are supplied under the contract, they will be of merchantable quality within the meaning of section 14 (3) of the Act of 1893 (inserted by section 10 of this Act)."

In other words the car should have been fit for pupose which was to allow it to be used in a driving test. I suppose the Instructor could argue the headlights were working when the lesson started and must have failed some time after. I would try that anyway, if you don't ask, you don't get is what I say   

My friend got to her test, did the eye-test reading a number plate thing, and then I think it was the windscreen wipers that didn't work....but she didn't fail it, it was just postponed and she was given another test a few weeks later.

I felt unfairly done when I failed my first test because, I didn't make any mistakes that were serious. The instructor said that I had made other cars slow down on two occasions, once at the roundabout because I didn't go fast enough round it and once when I was turning left onto a main road.

But my instructor said to me, if you never slow down somebody, you'll never get anywhere. That's true, I mean don't we always have to slow down for someone each time we get on the road?

That second line should read, the examiner, not the instructor.
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Out of curiosity i asked my last examiner who failed me if i could just look at a pass certificate , I was laughing that id never get to see one as this was my 7th test , But he very abruptly said no and got out of the car.Make of that what you will.
out of interest, what are the reasons you have been given for failing?
Question Author
Iv failed for unreasonble things which after 7 tests i no the score by now,I failed my last test for parking in the parking bay to perfection buy bcause the guy beside me parked over his line my examiner told me i was too close to him even though i was in my lines,I had no minor faults at all on that test but he failed me and then told me apart from that i drove like a pro,I cryed not out of failing as such but the frustration.
On my first test I went to go at a roundabout and a car was coming round from the right fast. I didnt see it at first, but then i saw it when it was coming and stopped the car about 1m accros the line. I failed for observastion! BUT I SAW THE CAR and stopped my car!!

On my second test i did much better and drove like a pro, it was raining heavily all the way through and i had to use my wipers as well. But i got took down a country lane where there were puddles. I splashed through a couple of them instead of slowing down and failed for that. Even though i'd never been driving in the rain before. Not everyone would have their test when its raining so how is this fair because a lot of people might not know what to do either.
Oh and i also think that it costs too much to take a test. It should be free or very cheap because they just use it as a way of making loads of money.

It kinda makes me wonder too why people bother having lessons and paying out all this money for tests and insurance when you could just buy a car and drive without insurance. Because an asylum seeker did it and killed a little boy! and he only got like a really short prison sentance.

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