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queries | 10:12 Thu 22nd Sep 2011 | Body & Soul
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If someone sends you a text or in fact an email - just a chatty one - is it polite just to not reply? I think its quite rude but wondered what people thought?


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it depends who it is, and what they've sent.. and how convenient it is to reply at that time.
i think its quite rude tbh
My initial thought is it's quite rude but having been at the receving end recently of messages I'm fed up of getting from someone I don't even like I've taken up to just ignoring them so they get the message.
Text tennis gets very boring. I tend to answer but not get into a convo.
Same as nudgescuffler^^^^^
^^^^ This really is bloody ridiculous!!!!!!!!

im not even allowed to type her name? why ever not!!!
I think sending or receiving the ubiquitous * :o)* is the end point of a conversation for me.
I agree with sara 3 - who it's from, and how convenient or necessary it is to reply.
It's very quick and easy to send a smiley face in return, then the sender knows you received the text and that you will get back to them when you can...its only good manners to reply.
I have one friend who frequents sickipedia quite a lot so I tend to get around 3 jokes a day from him (usually in bad taste), I don't reply to all of those. Generally will reply to everything though; especially in a work capacity. I think it's rude not to acknowledge something!
WHAT is this all about?????

^^^^ This really is bloody ridiculous!!!!!!!!

im not even allowed to type her name? why ever not!!!

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I always try to reply.. i'm bad for writing the text and not hitting the send button. I then think they are rude for not replying! haha x
I have a friend who doesn't reply at all, and I must admit that I quite admire her for it - if it's just a message about something and doesn't need a reply, why reply?
PS my email inbox at work is full up with people just saying "thankx" - no need!
it depends on various things

if its a question then yes itd be rude not to reply, but i have a habit of thinking, i'll reply later...then when i remember i have apologise for not replying sooner... and feel bad

it annoys me when someone doesnt respond within say, 4-5 hours... unless i know they cant for some reason

sometimes its hard to stop the texts though and its like when you're speaking on the phone, you get

ok well ill see you soon
yeh bye then
take care
and you, see ya
speak tomorrow
yeh ok
bye then

and its sometimes a bit like that in texts

also some peple dont have free texts only have a limited amout, so a cautious about wastingh them unnecessarily

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