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wvaleriechas | 22:31 Sat 09th Apr 2005 | Body & Soul
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Can blind people dream? I think they can because they have imagination like seeing people & must build up a picture (so to speak) of the shapes & textures they feel but my son says this is impossible.What are other folks views please?


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Yes they can dream in sounds  like they do when awake.  If they have been blind since birth then they wont have any vision dreams.

If you type 'Blind People Dream' into a Google Search there is an awful lot of information - too many links to just give you one on here.  I found it really interesting, there are some good scientific papers about it as well.

Basically, hopalong is correct, but there's lots of other information.

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Thankyou FP, fantastic website, lots of great facts & theories.

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