baby with high temperature

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k8bailey | 13:47 Fri 08th Jul 2011 | Body & Soul
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My 10 month old daughter has had a high temp (between 38 and 40.3) since Wednesday morning. We've been giving calpol and ibuprofen but still can't bring it down.

Sometimes she feels very cold and her skin goes blue, she gets goose pimples and shivvers but her temp is still high. Is this something to worry about? Should I keep her warm when she's like this? Also her breathing is quite rapid and shallow, not all the time though.

Saw GP yesterday, he said she has an ear infection and prescribed erythromycin.....I'm just worried because she's been ill for over a fortnight with diarrhea and had urticaria (sp?) last weekend too (apparently as a reaction to the stomach bug?) and now this....


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hi K8, i was always told that even if you are trying to cool baby down if they have a fever you should not cool them to a point where they will be shivvering. so when shes like this, wrap her up a bit.
i hope she feels better v soon x
If the GP says that she has an ear infection then that is the diagnosis.

Cold skin, goose pimples and shivering is the body controlling the temperature and is normal response.

Don't wrap her up otherwise she will loose more fluid, but don't cold sponge her either.sponge her either.

<<<Also her breathing is quite rapid and shallow, not all the time though>>>

Watch this and if it gets more pronounced and frequent then call the on call doctor.

If she has had diarrhea prior to the ear infection make sure she is well hydrated.

Keep us informed.
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Thanks both! I reallly want to wrap her up but i'll try to resist and keep giving her fluids instead. Poor little thing is so tired today it's a bit of a struggle getting her to drink.

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baby with high temperature

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