Sharp pain in shoulder when moving....Advice needed please

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dalebillster | 12:24 Tue 31st May 2011 | Body & Soul
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Hi ABers, i possibly should be going to the doctors for advice but i don't want to bother them with something that maybe nothing. For about a month now when moving my left arm i keep getting sharp pains in my shoulder. Its not a major pain but more of a stinging pain when moving it, its particularly irritating as i play in a few different darts leagues & its starting to affect my darts... Does anyone have any advice as to what the problem could be or how to sort it out?


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Yes, go see you GP, take ibuprofen until then.
Could be a frozen shoulder, so see your GP.
no one can diagnose your problem online - make an appointment with your GP - or go into a walk in clinic
Almost certainly RATTER says take Ibuprofen 600mgms when and if necessary, monitor the situation for a week.

If no better see GP
If better...well done.
Possibly RSI...If you can give the darts a miss while medicating and monitoring that might help.
It is better to see a doc as the pain is related to your left shoulder and always remember that your left part is dominate by the heart so it could be something related to this major body organ. In such cases you are expected to see a doc ASAP
feona....if you aresuggesting that the pain might be cardiac in origin, I would strongly disagree and say that it is extremely unlikely.

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Sharp pain in shoulder when moving....Advice needed please

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