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redsquare008 | 18:29 Sat 12th Feb 2011 | Health & Fitness
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I have recently started running again now that spring is nearly here and have always used the MapMyRun app on my iPhone to record my running speed and route etc whilst playing my music on my separate iPod shuffle. However, after I realised that it probably made more sense to use my iPhone for both the app and iPod facilities. However in order for MapMyRun to actually work, you cannot close the programme to then open the iPod and start playing music! I know the first thing that you will suggest is to open the iPod first and then open MapMyRun, but I like to switch through sings whilst I am running if one comes on that I don't fancy listening to at the time! Therefore, can anyone suggest an app that does everything MapMyRun does in terms of recording my route on a map as well as it's time etc but that can run in the background whilst the iPod app is open?


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Try the Runkeeper app. I used the free veriosn when I was doing some running last year and it tracks your distance with GPS, times you and tells you the distance in MPH or KPH. It then sends you e-mails with updates on your progress and shows you your personal bests, etc. You can also use it while playing music on your iphone at the same time although I did find using them both together meant my battery drained very quickly. There is a paid for version which does more although you would have to look into what the extras are as the free version was good enough for what I was doing.
I use SportyPal (currently in training for London Marathon) - works pretty well.

Depending on what you want, there is also MiCoach (a free app from Adidas) which helps you get better times. The Nike new app has also had good reviews but costs money and doesn't seem to do much that SportyPal doesn't do.

SportyPal is also quite good as if you have friends who use it, you can compare their routes and times to yours
I know this isn't what you want to hear, but why not try running without any music?? Get off road as much as possible (much better for the knees) and listen to the world around you. If you are concentrating on your music, you greatly increase your chances of getting run over, and if you are not concentrating on the music, what's the point of it? I've been a runner for 35 years and never take my iPod on a run, but I have running friends who have horrific near miss stories due to listening to music.

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