Sore throat. Cold vs flu vs bacteria

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evedawn | 22:34 Tue 07th Dec 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Started a nasty cold 5 days ago. The snotty nose etc didnt last long but oh my word the THROAT is so sore! GP yesterday gave me antibiotics "just in case " it's bacterial rather than viral. (no swab test tho which I thought us odd) besides sore throat no other symptoms other than malaise and fatigue ... Anyone else in similar health? How long till you felt human again?


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Just about everyone else I know has the same bug which appears to last for weeks.
I had it a few weeks back, took me a couple of weeks to start to feel better - I then bought a bottle of Metatone from the chemists, a few days of that finally did the trick.
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Flipping eck! "weeks"? Ta for answer your answer, thought it said. methadone!
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Metatone? Will look for that. Haven't heard of it before . Thanks .
Yeah that's right anne, I joined the daily queue...... Metatone's much better for you!
As Milly says everyone seems to have it.Merocaine lozenges help. I tried my grandad's favourite remedy- gargle with salt water. and it worked for me

Boots sell it, the size I bought was about £3.90. You take a dose before meals, I got through about half a bottle this time. I always used to take this years back, it's only because I felt so lousy this time that I suddenly remembered it. The old cures are the best ones!
Failing that - have you tried Beechams all in One? It's got paracetamol in it but I find a couple of doses of that per day for a couple of days did wonders for me and OH a few months back.
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Thanks all incl box for metatone link. I'm gonna try get some zzzz's now. I rang I I'll today and dont want to tomor but it takes all my energy justbto drag myself from
bed to couch.
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Typos! Shoulda read "I rang in ill today"
<<<<(no swab test tho which I thought us odd)<<<<<

If swabs were routinely taken, the NHS laboratories couldnt cope, so throat swabs are rarely taken in acute illnesses.

<<<Sore Throat. Cold Vs Flu Vs Bacteria<<<<

Sometimes it is difficult to tell.
and some times the virus effects can let in a bacterial infection.
cold versus flu?...there's only one way to find out...fiiiiiiiiiiigggghhht!
Just gettiong over mine now. Same symptoms, started with sore throat then all hell let loose! Been a week now and still suffering. Lots of cattarh and ears popping as well as sniffing every two seconds.
Never realised how much stuff can come out of ones nose!
Oh and now the OH has it! Very contagious.

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Sore throat. Cold vs flu vs bacteria

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