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karenmac60 | 22:57 Tue 20th Jul 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Me and mr mac have a room booked at Glasgow Hilton for the 31st of this month. However, there has been an outbreak of Norovirus (winter vomiting bug) announced yesterday. They say they are open for business again and I know our break isn't for another 11 days, but mr mac is on anti rejection drugs and so has no immune system. I plan on contacting the hotel nearer the time but I imagine they will just say it's all fine as they won't want to lose the business. Does anyone have any idea what the risks are of going? Will it be all cleared up by then or should we just not take the risk? Thanks, Karen x


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Do you want the most expert opinion available? Yes? Well don't ask me then!

However I CAN point you in the right direction ;-)

The BBC News website here
states that Dr Anne Scoular is in charge of investigating, and responding to, the outbreak. If she can't advise you, I doubt that anyone can. So all you need is her email address (and/or her phone number). No problem!

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That is expert enough for me Chris! Thank you :)
karen....your husband is on anti rejection drugs...novovirus outbreak may or may not be contained.

Do you really need "expert advice?"
Heard it on the news, karen its getting worse at that hotel..
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Sqad, I wasn't looking for expert advice, just a general idea from anyone who may have more information than me.
Contact the team at your husbands hospital... one of the specialist nurses...they will risk assess properly for your husband as they know things like his latest blood results...
Personally, I wouldn't go and would change my plans. You will only feel anxious if you go even if there is very little risk, and it's not worth it.
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I know Lottie, and it sounds very petty, but we've been looking forward to it for ages. We booked it in January on a non refundable deal and we're really short of money so if we don't go we won't be doing anything. I just want to be sure I'm not over-reacting before I cancel. Mr mac is going to have a word with his renal consultant and I've had an email from the woman Buenchico mentioned, so once we've got all the info together we'll weigh up the pros and cons and make our decision. I have a feeling we may be disappointed though :(
Karen. We had a holiday booked to Barcelona just after Christmas a couple of years ago, then on Christmas Day I fell on the stairs and fractured my spine!! I'll get to Barcelona one day.

Do what you both feel is best. You don't want to spend your break worrying. Can you phone the hotel now and explain the situation. They just might be sympathetic and offer you a date later on.

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