pale markings around sunburn... advice needed please...

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dalebillster | 13:09 Sun 23rd May 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Hi everyone, i made a bit of a cock-up yesterday by going out in the sun all day & not putting any sunblock on. To make things worse i have very fair skin & burn really easily. Last night when i got in i put loads of aftersun on to try & ease the soreness. I woke up this morning with what can only be described as a 'beige' marks all around the red burned areas of my body. I went in the shower thinking it was somehow the aftersun i put on the night before but the marks are still there. I understand i have to be fairly careful with having pale skin but i dont remember having these marks before. Does anyone have any ideas what these marks could be? Any replies would be gratefully recieved & il reply as soon as i can, thanks Dale....


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I can think of no direct association between your sunburn and the surrounding skin colour. I can only assume that the "beige colouration" has always been there but brought to prominence by your sunburn. No big deal and don't worry.
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thanks sqad, that might be the case. Also i noticed earlier when i was wiping my burned areas down with a clean white cloth, I had a brown/beige stuff appearing on the cloth. It makes me wonder if ive had a reaction to the aftersun lotion or if the aftersun has gone off or something?... Thanks for the reply... Dale
Last year I put aftersun on but realised the texture of the stuff was different and realised then that it was out of date and it too made marks on my clothing. I now will only buy fresh lotions every year. Something in the ingrediants was off I think.
Be careful folks...


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pale markings around sunburn... advice needed please...

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