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Catarrh - Any Cures?

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dave_trigg | 19:37 Sat 10th Apr 2010 | Health & Fitness
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i have suffered for some time with catarrh, seen my G.P. many times, told to not consume dairy products. Been doing all the things the doctor has advised - still have throat catarrh - day and night. Incidentally, I am not a smoker . Any helpful suggestions or products to try would be welcome. Thanks in advance. Dave.


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I have had nasal catarrh off and on for most of my life. Never been told to keep off dairy products though.
Just googled this,
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Thank you very much ImLostAgain for your reply. Dave
Catarrh is a symptom and not a disease and to cure this symptom, one has to identify the disease which can only be done by the expertise of an E.N.T Surgeon.

So get an appointment.
Mine is a symptom of perennial rhinitis, I live my life from March to October on nasal sprays and antihistamines - had it for years, and it's exacerbated by the irritants which cause hay fever. Gp has tried all sorts and the current regime seems to work best for me.
Might sound like an odd suggestion, but have you tried steaming you face: boiling water, towel over your head over a bowl? Have you spoken to your GP about nebulisers? - That may loosen the catarrh and help you cough it up.
I agree with maplestar add some menthol crystals it will clear you head.
Antihistamine works for me.

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Catarrh - Any Cures?

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