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She's a gonner 'ere.

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Bbbananas | 12:38 Mon 15th Feb 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Gonorrhea, clap, VD, whatever you want to call it, can hardly lie 'dormant' in a person for over 3 years without any symptoms surely? An acquaintance of mine swears she has not been unfaithful to her partner of 3 years' standing, but recently had vaginal symptoms - went to the GU clinic and was diagnosed with gonorrhoea. She is insisting she must have caught this from a previous partner and it has lain dormant for all this time, only to rear its ugly head now. She insists her present partner has not given it to her.

I find this a little hard to believe - I know that up to 40% to 50% of women don't get symptoms, but why would they suddenly flare up after 3 years?


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Question Author
Mmm interesting. Thanks for that Zac. I wasn't outrightly disputing her claim, but 3 years does seem rather a long time for it to be dormant - one year is more credible.
I was always under the impression they could lay dormant indefinitately....

Did I spell that right?
We know what you mean ummmm
It's entirely possible the vaginal symptoms aren't caused by gonorrhoea at all but the test has shown she has it. She can easily have had it for years and not known.
Goody goody rinks x

Thats a crap word to spell :-)
Question Author
Chlamydia yes, I know that can, but I was always under the impression that VD shows symptoms, if it's going to at all, within 1-2 weeks of initial contact.

Well, you learn something new every day....
I love the title of this thread, very clever.
Question Author
I know it's not a flippant subject Boo, but hey - the girl just can't help it..... ;-)
tut tut salla..........were you thinking she's a little fibber?
I've been googling around and it seems it doesn't really lie dormant like syphilis but may show only very mild symptoms that nobody notices - though that amounts to much the same thing. Three years seems to be an unusually long time, though.

How does she know she hasn't got it from her current partner?

ummmm, no, the correct spelling is 'dormouse'.
never knew that!

Sal, not that your a gonna but when is your last day online before the op?
Question Author
craft - as if ..!
Not really - it just made me wonder if that were possible, and so I googled it this morning to see if it is possible if not probable.

fluff - I finish all medications today, so countdown to op on Friday. I don't think I'll be in work right up until Thursday though, because suddenly stopping my meds is, i just know for a fact, going to make me feel really weird. I anticipate being in tomorrow (suppose I'm in the right place here at the surgery if I faint or something....?!!) but beyond that I don't really know. When I get the runs of SVT, tachycardia and the near-syncopes I'm not really safe to drive.
Question Author
jno - I just think she doesn't want to contemplate that her current partner may have given it to her, and all that implies.
Awwww Salla. I'll worry for you xx
I'm agog that an aqquaintance would tell you she'd got it to be honest. If I had it I wouldn't tell a soul!
I remember being at a sports committee meeting and the secretary hadn't as yet turned up. The treasurer blithely announced that he'd bumped into him that morning at work and there was an uncomfortable silence as the secretary worked at the clap clinic......
Question Author
I was a bit agog (good word!) actually Boo - like I said, I wouldn't really call her a friend - more a friend of a friend. I think what it is, people know I have worked in the NHS in hospitals, surgeries and sexual health clinics for the last 21 years so they tell me all sorts. They assume I'm unshockable (almost true) and have an answer for everything(not everything.... or else I'd be claiming doctors' wages...) a nutshell.....3years ago....had sex with a guy. Now 3years later, she has vaginal symptoms of STD (Gonorrhea) in this case.


If she is investigated for STD's now, and proved positive, then it is nothing to do with our mate three years ago.
We'll all be thinking of you salla x

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She's a gonner 'ere.

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