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knee surgery

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stevecain | 20:27 Thu 20th Aug 2009 | Health & Fitness
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ima ashmatic male with stomach ulcers
7 days ago i had a arthroscopy on my knee 4/5 daysago the knee started swelling and becoming more tender after removing final dressing today one of the insitions is raised above the swelling and still bleeding i spoke to the hospital and they advised seeing my gp as i may have a hemotoma ?
he prescribed ibuprofen
ive since had hospital call me and tell me to attemd tuesday
is this a bit strange or am i beeing paranoid


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Nope, you are not being paranoid......complication of surgery....haematoma....bag of blood under the skin.

It should burst, but I would have that that you need to go back to the hospital A&E as it may need draining.

Nothing to worry about.
I don't think you have anything to worry about stevecain. I also had an arthroscopy of my knee back in June. When I got my dressing removed, I developed small bags of blood (blood blisters) under my skin. The hospital told me that it was normal. After about 2wks, they just dried up and peeled off. It has left scars for me though.

I hope this helped

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knee surgery

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