Blood clot in the palm of hand

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tamirra | 13:44 Sat 06th Jun 2009 | Health & Fitness
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Hi, last sunday i had a 1" long clot come up in the palm of my hand, i have had for a long time pains in the left side of my chest, which MRI and ECG showed nothing, i instantly took an asprin and did so for a couple of days, went to the g.p yesterday, he said i was very lucky that i had no serious complications and he reckons that its prob dispersed itself, do they go on there own or was he just saying this, i dont trust his 100% plus he gave me no medication to make sure, should i be worried? Thanks


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tamiira......blood clots are only dangerous when they are in large arteries or large veins e.g veins of the leg or pelvis.

There are no large veins in the palm of your hands to harbour a clot.

The clot in the palm of yopur hand would be in the fleshy part and hence would not pose a threat to your lungs.

Your doctor is quite correct.
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The clot was in the vein as you could see where the vein had expanded.
Never heard of such a thing....sorry.
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Sqad you seem to know quite a lot about various subjects, are you medically minded by any chance? Thanks
Yepp, afraid so tamirra.
tamirra, when you say blood clot do you think it could be burst blood vessels? Had you been gripping something tightly for a time? I occasionally get burst blood vessels in my fingers/thumb at the base where it joins the palm. I just hold some ice until it disperses & the pain goes.
It looks like this but on the inside of my hand.

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It looked like it, but it followed the vein, but by the morning it was hardly noticable, whereas a bruise is visual for a few days, as like a burst blood vessel
oh, ok tamirra...but that said I wasn't left with much of a visible bruise after the first time (I had no idea what the heck it was!) . I suppose I got to the ice quickly when it happened again. If it happens to you again & you're worried try & get someone to look at it at the time.

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Blood clot in the palm of hand

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