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flu/sinus relief

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jonny the fo | 22:23 Mon 29th Oct 2007 | Health & Fitness
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i have developed full blown flu overnight, and as well as the usual shivers, cough, sore throat, i have a really blocked nose, with a headache. Sinus trouble i guess? But i have no products at home any ideas as to what will help me through the night?

Thanks Sarah x
cough cough


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Why not try a hot toddy..... whisky...lemon up with hot water. Hope you soon feel better, Its awful when you get the flu.
Oooh same here 'cept mine isn't flu as I still appear able to move around.

I made myself a fairly spicey stir fry head with veggies (helps get snot out), have taken several vitamin tablets (well figured I could use the extra vitamin C), have had a lemon and ginger tea with brandy (no lemsip otherwise I'd have stuck it in that) and am about to have some baileys ice cream (erm.... well it could sooth my throat maybe!)

Just get yourself tucked up and plenty of rest I guess.
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thanks for the ideas- although am quite jealous about the baileys ice cream!! x
If you can pop out tomorrow, or get someone to go to the chemist for you, I'd invest in an Otrivine Nasal Spray.

It really does work & clears your nasal passages in no time - I should know, I'm a chronic sinusitis sufferer.

Get well soon.
Not enough ice cream... I should not have been such a pig on Saturday! :0(
I can't live without Sudafed nasal spray when I have a blocked nose (and I suffer from sinus trouble too) - one minute I can't breathe from my nose, a couple of sprays and literally seconds later I can breathe as normal - wonderful! Hope you feel better soon!

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flu/sinus relief

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