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Chlaydia self check positive - can this be wrong?

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Louise07 | 14:27 Wed 23rd May 2007 | Health & Fitness
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Hi I did a self check chlamydia test where a swab is taken, and it came up positive (I think). It certainly went the dark purple that indicates a positive result. I have since been to the doctors and they took a swab, sent it off and they say it has come back and there is nothing wrong and no further action to be taken! Obviously im concerned, although I trust the doctors more, how would a self check show positive results if chlamydia is not present? I must admit it was a bit fiddly, but if I had got some of the solution of the swab stick could this make it go the positive colour of dark purple? TIA


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i would go with the doctors results - their test is more likely to be correct i should imagine - although i dont know why your home test showed positive - did you mention this to the doctor?? I didnt even know you could get DIY ones - where is it from?
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Yes I mentioned it to the doctor and he said the self check are not always acurate although I would have thought it would be the other way around ie showing negative when really positive. This was before he did the test, I only spoke to receptionist for test results. I got it from Superdrug, it's on a normal shelf, not over counter, in a grey box, I think the manufacturer is Pasante.
I did one of those and found it very difficult to read. The positive and negative results can both be purple, but different shades, and mine was somewhere in between!
The enzymes that your body produces when you have chlamydia have to be present in your urine, to test positive, which would indicate you do have it. I believe that if you go to some Superdrugs pharmacists they can prescribe you the medication to treat chlamydia (for free) without having to go to the doctor.
The same happened to a friend of mine, chemist self testing kit said positive however doctor tested and came back negative. Gave the same reason -that the self tests aren't 100 percent accurate. Trust your doctor!
Well your doctor is probably correct. If you want you can always get a second opion no harm there. Do you exsibet any of the normal chlamydia symptoms or are you just being safe.

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Chlaydia self check positive - can this be wrong?

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