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What Do Diabetics Have For Breakfast Query.?

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cleoval | 04:25 Fri 29th Dec 2023 | Health & Fitness
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HI i am pre diabetic and was wondering what do Diabetics have for breakfast please.? I have been having a slice of bread or cereal and milk but my friend says this is not good. Thanks.



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^^^ Growl! 

AB's server has blocked the last bit of my first URL, meaning that the results aren't filtered to just show breakfast recipes.

This link should work:

I'm diabetic and have porridge every morning.

I'm diabetic type 2. I have a bowl of either cornflakes, rice crispies, weetabix or plain porridge.

I have been known to stray away occasionally 😉

Bread, unless keto, is going to have plenty of carbohydrates which should be avoided, but I suspect one slice of toast a day would prove tolerable.


Since being informed I was pre (later learned just borderline) I tend to have eggs in various forms,  sometimes with a slice of bacon, or maybe peppered mackerel perhaps with a cherry tomato or two, but on weekends I think, "blow it", and have toast with some topping or other.


My general observation these days is minimise sugar (rarely have much added anyway) and carbs, approve of higher fibre, and see how it goes.

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What Do Diabetics Have For Breakfast Query.?

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