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Electric Tooth Flosser

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lynbrown | 12:00 Wed 28th Jun 2023 | Health & Fitness
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There are a lot on the market, some involving water. What's a good one to buy? TIA


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I can't use dental floss as my teeth are too crooked and crowded.
I use a water flosser and it works very well.
I have the Panasonic EW1411.
If I knew how well they worked I would have bought one with a water tank.
I did buy a cheap one from Lidl or Aldi first but it broke within weeks. I got a refund.
Were you, I'd just go for one of the big names with a reputation to protect. I bought a mains powered one which plugged into my bathroom shaver socket. Later on I bought a further portable one for when I was at my partner's place, but it had a normal plug, and running a cable into the bathroom each time proved a pain, so I stopped using it. She has since bought a handheld rechargeable one. I tried it yesterday with one of the nozzles from my own (same make). It dislodged one of my caps ! Luckily it stayed in the basin, and didn't disappear down the plughole.
You wear a hat when flossing?

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Electric Tooth Flosser

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