Slipped In Shower 2 Weeks Ago.till In Great Pain

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lilacben | 15:26 Sat 27th Apr 2019 | Health & Fitness
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the ambulance people told me I had broken some ribs in my back...can only take paracetamols but they are not touching the pain. .
cant take i ibuprofen or Distalgestic or codeine...what else can i get.? how much longer are they going to hurt so much ,


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If my back injury is anything to by it takes ages to heal.
I seem to remember from surgery that Voltarol (diclofenac) is good for bone pain BUT read the contraindications as it's an NSAID like ibuprofen and use for minimum time. Tramadol is another stronger painkiller -mild opioid. You should really be speaking to your GP about which are safe and appropriate for you, to get a prescription.
yes, see your GP, you may need something stronger than you can buy over the counter.
Why can't you take Ibuprofen?
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Hi Sqad.. I have asthma also it upsets my stomache even with food.. The doctor has given me Tramodol now as well as paracetamols but told me to only take 1 three times a day.... but they dont seem to work either... the shooting pains are terrible as well as a dull ache...

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Slipped In Shower 2 Weeks Ago.till In Great Pain

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