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Halfway Through A Cold And Sinus Pain Is Starting... What's Best?

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Lisa_Louise | 20:09 Wed 11th May 2016 | Health & Fitness
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Thanks to my husband for sharing his cold with the rest of us, he has a quick cold, nothing bothered him and now his is going... No I am halfway through a week of cold and I'm starting to get sinus pain under my right eye.

I don't know if this started because I have been blowing my nose or whether it started because I used drops of Olbas oil in a bowl of steaming water or whether it started because I have Olbas oil on a tissue by my nose all night?!

I'm not actually that snotty anymore, my nose sounds bunged up when I talk and I have catarrh build-up which is very hard to clear, and I have a dusty/catarrh smell up my nose.

Is it best to just use hot water steam treatment and stop using the Olbas oil?


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Mine responds to steam inhalation - shower/ bath or use a hand held inhaler - I think that I got mine from Boots. I also hold a warm drink (in a cup!!) against my cheek. Just things that I find that help Good luck hope that you feel better soon
Sterimar saline spray! its brilliant stuff. I have got long term sinus problems and I use sterimar to soothe and clear out the junk and occasionally Beconase to reduce swelling to enable the Sterimar to work better. Add in the pain relief of your choice if you have headache or facial pain.
I know what you mean about the dusty smell in your nose. If I was you I would take Sudafed tablets (if you are OK to take them). Try not to blow your nose too hard because if you do that, you will just push the problem up into your sinuses. I`m not a fan of Olbas oil. You will probably get the same results from the steam. If it doesn`t clear, you might need to go to your GP
obviously the NHS read answerbank lol
Just as an aside, the site posted by Chris is excellent, I use it often.

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Halfway Through A Cold And Sinus Pain Is Starting... What's Best?

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